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Prince the Black Cat is Home

John from Prince Postale shares the good news about Prince, the black cat who went missing.

Prince is home and doing well.

I want to thank everyone who came by the shop to express concern, offer help and tell me a story of their interactions with Prince.

It is over 2 weeks since his disappearance. Animal control called me this morning and told me Prince was found by a woman on Canal Street. His collar was missing and he was tired, hungry and scared. He looks good, but has lost a little weight. I am trying to keep him inside for as long as I possibly can. I know he will go out in the next few days. I just want to try to domesticate him a few days and put some weight on him. I also need to get him a new collar.

The people of this neighborhood are the best. I met strangers that saw the post on this website and they came by to offer help. I had neighbors print out NorthEndWaterfront.com’s post about Prince and tape it to poles without asking because they are friends of his and wanted him home also. Neighbors posted it to their Facebook pages. Prince became the topic of conversation around the neighborhood. He is a special animal.

I want to thank everyone who asked if he was found or if they could help. I want to thank all that called or tweeted about black cat sightings. I even want to thank the other black cats I met. There is one heavy black cat living at the marina by Tia’s. Dead ringer for Prince but he has at least 10 lbs. on Prince. He hangs out by the Rose Kennedy fountain.

Mostly, I want to thank the stranger that found Prince and did the right thing by calling animal control. I believe Prince was picked up by strangers and carried a few streets before he jumped out of their hands possibly losing his break away collar at that time. By that time he lost his scent and direction and wandered around Canal Street for a couple of weeks.

Prince is a big part of our section of the North End. He is also a big part of the Freedom Trail for tourists and the Old North Church visitors. Most of all he is my animal that I care for and he brings me something only animals can offer. I am very happy he is home.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Remember, please do not feed Prince…Thank you.


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