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Another Dog on the Ballfield and a Graphic “No Poop” Sign

“More of the same vulgarities,” says Vincent Santaniello who sends in this photo from yesterday of a dog owner with his unleashed pet on the Puopolo Park ballfields.

Residents have suggested additional signs be posted. Janet Gilardi finds this graphic “no poop” lawn sign that might get the point across. (Ed: Is anyone else worried the “double spike” might be used as a weapon in a doggie confrontation?)

Dogs in parks has become such as hot issue in the neighborhood that the NEWRA Parks and Open Spaces Committee is hosting officials from the Public Works Department and Animal Control on Tuesday, July 10, 7:00 pm at the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. to address the problem.

It is unlikely many dog owners will be present at the NEWRA parks meeting because at 6:30 pm, also on July 10th, the North End Dog Meetup group will be having a Dog Playdate at Christopher Columbus Park.

While the dogs are playing at Christopher Columbus Park and the NEWRA parks people are talking about dogs in parks at the Nazzaro Center, you won’t find the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park at either because that group is also having their monthly meeting at 6:30pm on July 10th at the Mariner’s House.

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7 Replies to “Another Dog on the Ballfield and a Graphic “No Poop” Sign

  1. I can see the need for a dog to have space to run BUT one should always clean up after their dog.

      1. You have nothing better to do with your life than take pictures of strangers? Grow up.

        It is obvious by the picture that the ballfield was not being used.

        I do an morning workout every morning on this field and have run into multiple dog owners. All of them have picked up after their dog and have stayed away from me during my morning routine.

        Sounds like a win-win

      2. Dog owners seem to be the whipping post for all of the problems in the north end. If you’re going to make such a big stink about a few dogs stretching their legs why not address the other, far more egregious offenses going on right near Puopolo park?

        Every single night their are 3-6 homeless people sleeping on the park, the benches, behind the rink making that area their own personal bathrooms. Where is the outcry?

        What about the underage teenagers drinking, smoking and trashing the area behind the skating rink? You can find a large group of them hanging out behind the rink at least four nights a week. The next morning the ground is COVERED in broken beer glass, empty beer cans and food wrappers while the harbor is also filled with whatever they decided to throw over the rail that night.

        There dugouts and home plate area are littered with bags, gatorade and water bottles and other trash after every baseball game…why not pick up after your own kids before blaming dog owners for every problem?

  2. Maybe the animal control people should stop by CCP on the way to the meeting since there is a sign that says keep your dog on the leash in CCP park that is ignored by dog owners all the time.

  3. Hi, My intention for showing the Committee this post~~~was to make cardboard copies of this dog doing his duty, not actually buying these set-ups. I agree, the less weapons around~~the better ! ! ! Especially when ignorant people are doing the wrong thing ! ! ! We DO NOT want the poor animals to suffer because of their careless owners ! ! !

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