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Notable News: High Demand for Condos and Uber Boat Service, Mirabella Pool Date Review

The “Notable News” post is your one stop shop of North End / Waterfront News from outside sources. From blogs, to newspapers and more, we find what has been in the news pertaining to the neighborhood. The following is a compilation of articles from alternate news sources that cover various issues, stories and reviews in the North End / Waterfront. 

A date profile at Mirabella Pool in the North End, as told by "Chief"
A date profile at Mirabella Pool in the North End, as told by “Chief” at Date Eats

Date Spot Review: Mirabella Pool… 

Mirabella pool has been a North End summer favorite for generations, from the cheap drinks, to the quality pizza. With the dress code being, “bathing suits and sunburns,”  you will know everything that goes into enjoying a successful date at the pool. Read more at, Date Eats.

Jellies: Our Little Friends in the Harbor

Walking along the Boston Waterfront will bring many interesting things to look at, but have you ever noticed all the jellyfish? These are Moon Jellyfish, a specific type of jellyfish that can survive in almost any water conditions, but are most common in bays, harbors and the tropics. Read more interesting details at,  The Boston Harbor Association.

Uber Says Boston Boat Service a Success

After taking the taxi business by storm, Uber set their sights on boat services to run between Boston Wharf’s. In conjunction with Boston Harbor Cruises, the temporary experiment lasted just 12 days in June, and the demand for the service was 7 times greater than the number of Uber employed boats. has the full story.

The rise of Condos, courtesy of Luke Knox, staff for the Boston Globe.
The rise of Condos, courtesy of Luke Knox, staff for the Boston Globe.

No longer a second choice, Mass. condos in high demand

Rather than small family homes with maintenance costs, condos are becoming more and more popular throughout the Commonwealth. Condo prices in downtown Boston have soared far beyond the Massachusetts median, with average cost of $851,199. Read more at, Boston Globe.

Koy Plans to Open in Boston’s Faneuil Hall Area

Is a Korean restaurant moving to North Street? This is up for interpretation, as the address is set to move in at the current UBurger location. Koy is planning to open on North Street with a proposed eatery and liquior license. Continue reading at, Boston Restaurant Talk.

e.t.c. Juicery Celebrates Its North End Arrival with Cleanse Deals

A new juicery is set to open in the North End in a few months, and they are offering 15% to 20% off deals on two or three-day cleanses. The deal last until August 28th for Racked Boston readers.

North End of Boston Engagement Pictures : Ashlee + Eric

After a first date dinner with flower arrangements on arrival at the North End restaurant, Lucca, this couple will now be getting married a few short years after that first North End dinner date. Leah Haydock Photography has the full story.

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