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Notable News: Vesuvio on Hold, Arancini, North Ender Receives Dutch Scholarship, Richmond Street Sign and Summer at the Wharf

A lot of people are too busy during the week to read every publication and find articles that pertain to their neighborhood. That’s why we do the work for you, with a compilation of articles from alternate news sources that pertain to various issues, stories and reviews in the North End / Waterfront. Making the “Notable News” post your one stop shop of North End News from outside sources. 

North End landlord pulls plan to convert empty building to restaurant amid opposition

The plans for 420 Commercial Street has brought some of the biggest news buzz in the neighborhood.  A local restauranteur has deferred a planned zoning change that would allow Vesuvio, a new eatery with seasonal outdoor seating to open in the former Segway office. Continue reading at, Boston Business Journal.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Catalano, The Boston Globe.
Photo courtesy of Claudia Catalano, The Boston Globe.

‘Little oranges’ a Sicilian specialty since the 10th century

Most will tell you how much they love to eat rice balls, also known as arancini’s, but do they know the history and origin of how they came to be? Not only does The Boston Globe take you through the evolution of the arancini but they also note a North End establishment where to get one.

North End native, Christina Schiavoni, Receives Scholarship From Dutch government

From small roots in the North End to an award-winning scholar for her Research Talent, Christina Schiavoni was recently granted a 3-year full scholarship to pursue her PhD on food sovereignty. Read more at International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.

Late-night license debate a test for Walsh

With a few months under his belt as the Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh is now faced with a hot button topic, requesting the Legislature to lift restrictions on the number of liquor licenses that can be awarded across the city. In addition, the Mayor wants control of the Boston Licensing Board given to city officials. Read the article at, The Boston Globe.

He has little thirst for late-night revelry

A resident is concerned about the push to extend late night drinking hours with an extension to the time that bars are allowed to be open. Citing a study that noted the North End neighborhood as an example of a Boston neighborhood with high alcohol density and relatively low crime rates. Read this opinion piece at, The Boston Globe.

Here’s How You Should Spend the First Day of Summer

The Boston Harborwalk was noted as one of the top ways to kick off the summer, citing the wharves of the North End as part of one of the best ways to spend a sunny summer day in the city. has the story.

Photo courtesy of David L. Ryan, The Boston Globe.
Photo courtesy of David L. Ryan, The Boston Globe.

Grants bring whirl of public art for Greenway

More art developments are in store for the Rose Kennedy Greenway. A nonprofit funder called ArtPlace announced a $250,000 public art grant for the Greenway, just a few days after the announcement of plans for a $1 million public art expansion that will include the installation of a huge, billowing fabric. Read all the developments at, The Boston Globe.

The Dining Room and eclectic fare

The Living Room in the North End had added an addition, The Dining Room. An element that puts a bigger emphasis on quality dining as opposed to the unique bar focus that The Living Room featured before. Now with this new element, The Dining room is like a “restaurant inside a restaurant.” Read a complete profile at, The Boston Globe.

Harbor Garage height feud misses the real debate

The waterfront has been the target of massive developments over the last few decades, and this new proposal is no different. Read what plans Don Chiofaro has, after he demolishing the Harbor Garage. Read at The Boston Globe.

Photo by BostonZest
Photo by BostonZest

That Mystery Sign on Richmond Street in the North End.

Are you guilty of walking down Richmond Street, stopping dead in your tracks to look at this sign? Well, if you aren’t scratching your head on the sidewalk trying to figure it out then you must know all about the history of the sign. For those that do not know, BostonZest has the story.

How to master the disaster and design a single-guy space

Single or not, most apartments in the North End are tight quarters. Read this story about an interior designer who had a North End client and recommends that “less is more” when it comes to small apartments for single guys. Read story at, The valley Dispatch.

Aquarium enlists its residents to educate us

New plans and developments are taking place at the New England Aquarium, and it’s not just animals. Rather than the traditional style of just looking at the animals, visitors are getting a “hands on” experience. Details at, The Boston Globe.

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