RUFF Hosts Dog Trainer Janet Vera

On Tuesday night, RUFF hosted dog trainer Janet Vera. The event was a huge success. We had between 10-15 dogs and their owners come out and practice and learn techniques for reliable recall. We at RUFF think this was a valuable session because Janet was able to work one on one with the dog and the owner and help evaluate what was helpful to each.

The free training session lasted about 45-minutes, about as much time as we could keep the dogs really focused without losing their attention. Janet would work with the owners to use the proper call and body language to get their dog to respond and come when called. We really thought she did an amazing job and this was a valuable session for our members. Janet and RUFF hope to do another free training session in June.

RUFF hopes to continue this type of positive dog/owner education. It is a great way for dog owners to get to know one another and become more responsible owners. We were really impressed at the strides the dogs made even in the short time we worked with Janet.

Janet Vera is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer who uses positive, force-free dog training methods. Janet trains in the dog’s actual environment where she provides practical, immediate solutions and management for shy, fearful and reactive dogs. She has clients in the N.E. and comes highly recommended. If people are interested please email: or check out her web site: For the love of dogs Boston.

Photos by RUFF.