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North End Trash & Recycling Schedule Change Details

The City of Boston Department of Public Works has issued an educational flyer regarding the upcoming changes in the North End trash schedule.

Residential Trash / Recycling

  • Beginning July 1, 2014, North End residential trash and recycling will be collected on Mondays and Fridays only. Please note the added recycling day. Trash will no longer be collected on Wednesdays.

  • Trash must be placed for collection no later than 7:00AM on the scheduled day. Late placement contributes to missed pick-ups. Trash/Recycling cannot be placed curbside for pickup any earlier than 5 PM on the preceding evening.       However, residents are urged to place trash out on the morning of pick-up by 7:00am, rather than the night before. This will significantly reduce the opportunity for spillage and rodent foraging.
  • It is illegal to place residential trash at street corners.       Trash must be placed on the curbside in front of the residence or in rear alleys for collection, depending on your street’s current collection method.
  • Properly and securely containing your trash and recycling is the most critical component of keeping your neighborhood clean. Trash must be placed in a container with a lid or a sturdy trash bag. Please note that many kitchen trash bags are too thin and not compliant.
  • Beacon Hill has single-stream recycling and all eligible recycling materials can now be co-mingled and placed out for collection in a clear plastic bag. These are available at most retail supermarkets. The City has formally discontinued distribution of the small recycling blue bins and encourages neighbors to use only the clear plastic bags for their recycling.
  • It is illegal to utilize City sidewalk litter barrels or solar-powered compactors for the disposal of residential or commercial trash and carries a fine of up to $1,000 per day. No building or construction materials shall be put out for residential collection.
  • Failure to comply with the above regulations will result in fines issued by the Code Enforcement Division. Offenses may be reported to the Mayor’s Hotline at 617-635-4500.
  • Comprehensive trash and recycling guidelines, including a listing of recyclables can be found at

General Cleanliness

  • Residents and merchants are responsible for picking up any loose litter on the sidewalk and gutter areas in front of their properties.
  • Dumpsters must have lids and be closed at all times.
  • Pet owners are responsible for picking up after their pets and following proper disposal methods.

Reporting City Service Requests

Residents can report service requests on a wide variety of maintenance and other City-related issues in your neighborhood.

  • Through the Citizens Connect program, residents can use their mobile phones in five different ways to alert the City of Boston to neighborhood issues such as potholes and graffiti. For application download and to start reporting, please access Citizens Connect at the City’s website at
  • Residents can also call the Mayor’s Hotline at 617-635-4500 or report on-line service requests at .   All available 24/7/365.

15 Replies to “North End Trash & Recycling Schedule Change Details

  1. Well Kim~~~that petition signed by 800 residents got shut down by the Mayors Office~~it seemed that our City Councillors voted FOR it, but SOMEHOW it did not go through! The City said that it would cost too much money to make that change? No matter what the people think~~~doesn’t matter, they do what they want to do! I’m just waiting to see how much it is going to cost the City not only EVERY WEDNESDAY, but all week long~~when and if the Inspection Department enforces the GREEN LAW! (which never worked either because of NO ENFORCEMENT) I am discussed!

  2. Nothing changes going from 3 to 2 days is NUTS !!!! CITY NEVER HAS $$$$ WHEN IT COMES TO THE NORTH END !!! BUT BRIGHTON STAYS AT 3 DAYS A WEEK HOW COME ???

  3. Janet isn’t it a shame as to what is going on in our Neighborhood. The Trash Petition had 800 residents.
    sign it and nothing was done. The Trash is a Very Serious Problem but throwing beer bottles.
    off roofs, disturbing the elderly every weekend, urinating, vomiting, fornicating and defecating on our streets & our doorways are.
    much more serious problems. This is no longer a City issue, it is a Human Rights issue and.
    we have to fight for it. They have been pacifying us for far too many years and there are enough of.
    us to accomplish this. If Absentee Landlords/Slumlords were being fined, they would have.
    lost their properties by now. They have been lying to us, and that is the bottom line. I haven’t
    seen any violations for these Slumlords, have you? I don’t believe these fines appear on the.
    Real Estate Taxes, and if they are, they are so insignificant, it doesn’t matter. They want to.
    raise our real estate taxes when the Slumlords are getting $1,000 per student in 2 Bedroom.
    Apts, which means the Slumlords are getting $4,000 for a 2 Bedroom Apt. and then we have.
    those that by Condos & rent them out as Bed & Baths & they are not zoned for this.
    You are seeing Corruption at its Best and nobody is doing anything about it YET.

  4. Do any of you realize that more then half the building owners do not live in the north end and just come in to collect the Rent
    $$$$$ I know I’m a realtor

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