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First Communion Celebrated at St. Leonard’s Parish

St. John School's Brother Gregory Day's 2B Class and Mrs. Angela Mantone's CCD Class
St. John School’s Brother Gregory Day’s 2B Class and Mrs. Angela Mantone’s CCD Class

On Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 4th 41 students celebrated their First Communion along with their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and teachers receiving the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist for the first time at St. Leonard’s Church in the North End.

In his homily, Rev. Claude Scrima, O.F.M. spoke about the importance of receiving God and being faithful to the Gospel and how Jesus is a true friend and would never lead you astray, while also stressing the importance of the Sacrament of Communion.

Rev. Antonio Nardoianni, O.F.M. administered First Communion to the following First Communion Candidates:

Shep Alstrom, Alex Baird, Alistair Braun, Francesca Brocca, De’Ari Burton, Talia Cerqueira, Luciano Cincotti, Francesco Cirulli, John D’Amico, Gia DiNunzio, Cameron Esposito, Jacob Foley, Stephen Fabiano, Ariana Galvao, Ryan Gohlmann, Quintin Goncalves, Maura Hatala, Veronika Houton, Siobhan Kane, Abygail King, Jackson LeBlanc, Valentina LoContro, Jack Marenghi, Caitlin McDonough, Michael McLaughlin, Megan Mendoza, Amelie Morreale, Liana Pantaleo-Rivas, Christina Papadopoulos, Emily Parker, Adriana Passacantilli, Jillian Perry, Christian Peterson, Julia Pistorino, Liliana Previte, Ezio Salimbeni, Anna Schulz, Stone Thomas, Juliana Toscano, Juliana Vitello and Antonio Wiafe.

St. John School's Mrs. Beth Teves' 2A Class
St. John School’s Mrs. Beth Teves’ 2A Class

“I am very proud of all the First Communion recipients.  The girls looked stunning in their white dresses and veils and the boys looked great in their new suits, it was wonderful to see them all dressed up,” stated St. John School Principal, Karen McLaughlin.  “The children worked very hard throughout the year learning the importance of what it means to receive Christ in their lives.”

We wish to thank Brother Gregory Day, O.F.M., Mrs. Angela Mantone and Mrs. Beth Teves who prepared the children for their First Communion as well as Rev. Antonio Nardoianni, O.F.M. and Rev. Claude Scrima, O.F.M. who officiated the First Communion services.