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Neighborhood Photos: First Communion in the North End

Walking through the North End this weekend, Patricia Pomerleau captured the procession of children on their way to First Communion at St. Leonard’s Church.

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3 Replies to “Neighborhood Photos: First Communion in the North End

  1. It was a beautiful day. Angela and Brother Gregory did an outstanding job organizing this very special First Communion.
    It’s ceremonies like this that bring old and new North Enders together.
    Thank you also to Fr. Claude and Fr. Antonio from St. Leonard’s Church and to Richard and Ben Molinari for their tireless efforts to maintain our North End traditions.

  2. The innocence and loveliness of youth is perfectly captured here. Kudos to all who organize and continue this beautiful tradition at St. Leonard’s Parish in the North End. I would love to see more photos like these which bring back so many good memories of being raised in the North End.
    God’s blessings on the neighborhood children and their teachers.
    Joann Capone

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