Rep. Michlewitz Moves Legislation to Cover Greenway Parcel 12 Ramp at Cross Street

Capping the ramp at Greenway Parcel 12, shown above, is the subject of new legislation. (Photo by Matt Conti)

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz of the North End has introduced legislation to cap the I-93 highway ramp on Parcel 12 of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway by November 1, 2017.

The exit ramp between Cross Street and Surface Road was created as part of the Central Artery “Big Dig” project. The Boston Museum was initially designated to build there as one of the four Greenway parcels that was intended for development. As the economic environment changed and construction challenges emerged, none of the non-profits moved forward. The Boston Museum group subsequently attempted a bid on the nearby Parcel 9 lot, but disbanded last year when that effort failed.

As for the exposed I-93 highway ramps, Rep. Michlewitz said, “It creates excessive noise that impacts surrounding North End residents as well as poor aesthetics.” The State owns the land through its transportation department, MassDot, and has always been legally obligated to cover the Greenway ramps according to the initial terms of the Big Dig. The new legislation puts a date on that requirement, requiring the ramp cover for Parcel 12 by November 2017.

The new effort to cap the ramp comes as an amendment to the Transportation Bond Bill currently making its way through the State Legislature. The measure has already passed the House of Representatives and will soon be considered by the State Senate. Supporting the measure in the Senate is Anthony Pettrucelli, representing the district that includes the North End and Greenway.

Because of its initial designation for development, Parcel 12 is not managed by the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy and the private, non-profit has no jurisdiction there. However, the Conservancy has initiated preliminary discussions about Parcel 12 at recent Board meetings, indicating its interest to eventually manage the property.

On the grass areas around the Parcel 12 ramps, there have been occasional proposals for various landscaping. The Friends of Commercial Street funded some layouts a few years ago and the Conservancy once proposed an urban nursery on the space.

One group that has been actively lobbying for at least part of the parcel area is North End RUFF, Responsible Urbanites for Fido. The dog owner group has developed plans for a dog park on the crescent section toward the Clinton St. parking garage.

Rep. Michlewitz added, “In addition to covering the highway ramps, I want to also move forward with a discussion about what the community wants to happen at Parcel 12 and whether we continue to hold out for development there.”

6 Replies to “Rep. Michlewitz Moves Legislation to Cover Greenway Parcel 12 Ramp at Cross Street

  1. So….by capping the ramp does that mean you could no longer use it to exit the tunnel and come back into the North End?

  2. This is strange because i was just thinking the other day that they should cover the entrance to the airport tunnel. I would make for a nice park and enhance a few new restaurants that are going in near there. Its strange between you go under the road and then come out again and then into the tunnel so I wasn’t sure why that was needed to be open.

  3. Capping all the tunnels, not just this one, should definitely be done. Only issue is it’ll be wickedly expensive. I can’t imagine a private developer doing it unless he/she was guaranteed they could build tall to recoup the investment. Alternatively, the city and/or state could front the money or part of the money to get either a low scale building or a park, but does the city and/or state have the money? Anyway, glad to see Aaron on it. Hopefully he’ll work out a good deal and get something nice built.

  4. This is great news! A capped Parcel 12 would be an ideal location for a glass winter garden which could be managed by the Greenway Conservancy. Two simple glass volumes filled with greenery could cover the capped ramps, and this would provide a more active green space during the winter months, while also defining an active edge to the North End Greenway Park, and the Armenian Heritage Park. Ground floor retail could also potentially be integrated into the crescent-shaped space on the south side of the parcel.

  5. The CA/T project was committed to cover all the ramps, parcels 6,12 and 18 within 5 years of the completion of the Big Dig if no developer built. If we do get a dog park on parcel 12, at least it will be maintained by RUFF!

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