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Notable News Found Elsewhere: Winning Restaurants and Neighborhood Quiz

If you were looking for the best Italian restaurants in the Boston area, where would you start? The North End would be the best place, of course. So, it’s no surprise that a North End establishments earned the most votes from consumers in a recent survey. The North End is covered with history of Paul Revere, read about the changing of his signature throughout history and how that raised some questions about a “P. Revere” painting. Boston has seen a world of change over the years, how well do you know the city and its demographics, see how well you know the changing Bostonian. The Callahan Tunnel project is going as planned, well, maybe even a little better than planned. Catch up on the construction project that hits close to home for many North End residents. Follow up on women’s safety with an editorial from an East Boston native who calls on city officials to help increase the confidence of safety for women. Lastly, add another food outlet to the list for Frank DePasquale who recently opened up Bricco Salumeria and Pasta Shoppe. Enjoy!

The 2013 Winner, Tresca. Photo Courtesy of Boston City Voter
The 2013 Winner, Tresca. Photo Courtesy of Boston City Voter

Italian – Traditional – 2013 Winners

Trying to find the best Italian restaurants in the Boston area, food lovers casted their votes for the restaurants that had meatballs and sauce that taste just like mom’s. Two of them, including the number one, landed in the North End – Terramia Ristorante and Tresca. Everything from the food, to the wine selection and the menu is what pushed these two onto the list, continue reading at The Boston List.

The Signature Style of Paul Revere

A watercolor painting of a British officer that the Skinner auction house is sparked the attention of a man interested in the paining. The artist is signed as “P. Revere.” Take a look at all the different lettering styles on different prints that Revere used. Check out Boston 1775.

Take the Boston Neighborhoods Quiz and Be Surprised

How well do you know the changing demographics of the City of Boston? Test your knowledge on questions consisting of housing, elderly, children, economy, neighborhoods and more. The questions come from the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s report “Boston By The Numbers.” Take the quiz at Curbed.

Callahan Tunnel on track to reopen by deadline

It’s not everyday that you hear of construction projects set to finish on time, let a lone ahead of schedule. Sure to please many North End residents, this could be the case for the Callahan Tunnel according to highway administrator, Frank DePaola. View video and continue reading at The Boston Globe.

City needs to restore sense of safety for women

This East Boston native, now living in Revere remembers what it was like being a woman walking home at night with confidence in her safety. See what this woman is asking the Mayor’s office along with Boston Police to do in order to send the message that Boston will not tolerate violence against women. Read the editorial in its entirety at The Boston Globe. There will be a North End Self Defense class on March 6th

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    TOSCANO’S BEACON HILL My Favorite by far, more than other Italian Restaurant for just
    about anything on the Menu.

    MAMA MARIA’S The Best Osso Bucco (Veal Shank), Great Scallops, good
    Spaghetti Squash with a Bolognese Sauce

    LIMONCELLO’S The Best Meatballs (mother’s recipe) great raviolis, stuffed
    peppers, and stuffed artichokes.

    TARANTA The Best Pork Chop in the City of Boston

    PREZZA’S Good Appetizers & Drinks


    UMBRIA Great Veal Chop & Steak & good pizza

    OCEANAIRE Great Scallops, good pork chop & fabulous Fried Clams,( when they
    are available) & for those of you who like Lobster, you can’t
    beat the price & taste


    RINO’S Everything is great, especially the Ravioli’s & Pork encrusted in

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