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Reminder: Self Defense Class at Nazzaro Community Center on March 6th

Sgt. Gary Eblan from the Boston Police Department will be on hand to teach his self-defense class “Street Smarts: Reducing Your Odds” in response to the recent sexual assault that occurred in North End. The class will take place on Thursday, March 6th from 6-7:30pm at the BCYF Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet St.

This event is sponsored by Councilor LaMattina and all of our local elected officials and will be free and open to the public. All are encouraged to attend.

This course focuses on awareness tips for greater safety at home, work, and in public. We will discuss how an assailant chooses a victim, when and where an attack is likely to occur and how to make yourself a less attractive target. Individuals will gain a sense of their own abilities and understand the options available to them in case of an assault.
Participants will be taught how to put together a plan to “Reduce
Their Odds” of becoming a victim.

This course has been presented to thousands of students, business professionals, community, church and civic groups throughout New England.


13 Replies to “Reminder: Self Defense Class at Nazzaro Community Center on March 6th

  1. I encourage all ladies to take this class.

    Please spread the word.


    -David Marx-
    NEWNC Public Safety Chairman

  2. Thank you for doing this. Question? can children attend as well? I have 10 year old that I would like to have attend.

  3. I just emailed Sgt. Lema, seeking answers to the questions posed here by fellow North End residents.

    As soon as I hear back from him and / or Gary Eblan, I will post a follow-up here.


    -David Marx-
    North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council
    Public Safety Committee Chairman

  4. Do you suppose the Officers may have a supply of police whistles on hand? Mine broke and when I went to the Main Police Station to get another, the desk officer told me I needed to get one at the Community policing office but couldn’t tell me where that was????

    1. I remember a self defense class given at the Nazzaro center a few years back and we all received a “metal bar” that went on our key chains and we learned how to use them as a weapon, like how to use it on pressure points and I don’t have mine anymore as I lost my keys about a year ago. Can we get something like that again??

  5. Is there any way that Boston Residents can get a license to carry Mace or Pepper Spray in any police station? Why if you live in the North End or Charlestown or East Boston, must you go to the main police station? Why can’t you go to the police station in your area and they can accommodate the residents by having the license applications sent to the main police station? Just asking.

  6. In & around 10 years ago, when we first heard of these attacks on women, the police made it
    very accessible for No. End Residents to get a license to carry pepper spray and you had
    to show an I.D. and pay $25. fee to carry the pepper spray. No. End Residents did not have
    to go to RUGGLES Police Station, you could obtain this license right here on Sudbury St.
    I know this to be a fact, I was on the Radio with Mike Barnacle discussing the subject.
    I also feel we need more than “1” Self Defense Class to protect ourselves. I also think it would
    be a great idea for anyone who takes Karate to also be involved in this self defense course.
    Just for the record, I never heard of the anyone being arrested for the attacks on No. End
    women from over 10 years ago. If anyone knows if someone was arrested for these attacks
    from over 10 years ago, please let me know. The most important thing we need is under
    cover police patrolling our streets, and I don’t mean in a car. Thank you.

  7. Sgt. Lema wrote me back this afternoon, but only in regards to mace / pepper spray:

    “Anyone who would like to get an FID card must do the following:

    Make an appointment at the BPD Licensing Unit at #617-343-4425.

    The Licensing Unit is backed up until late April.

    For the appointment, the applicant will need the following:

    *Birth Certificate
    *Driver’s License
    *$25.00 Check”

    -David Marx-
    NEWNC Public Safety Committee Chair

  8. Given the most recent assault, are there plans for another self defense class in the North End? Also, will it be better publicized that the early March one?

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