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Police Whistles Available at Nazzaro Center

I have made arrangements with Aliza Rodriguez, from the Boston Police Department’s Neighborhood Crime Watch Unit, to have 100 police whistles dropped off at The Nazzaro Center sometime today.

To the right is a picture of the police whistle:

The number of whistles being made available is currently dictated by supply. Ms. Rodriguez said we will see what the demand looks like and go from there.

The whistles will be made available (to adults) at the front desk of the Nazzaro Center (just ask the attendant) during their regular hours of operation:

-Monday through Friday: 6.00am – 9.00pm
-Saturday: 10.00am – 5.00pm
-Sunday: CLOSED

***FID Card / pepper spray update: In response to my inquiry to Sgt. Lema RE: residents wanting to be able to apply to get their FID card for pepper spray at the local A-1 police station (on New Sudbury St.), rather than having to go down to the Ruggles police headquarters:

“David, Unfortunately, everyone that applies must be fingerprinted at headquarters. It takes 6-8 weeks after the processing to actually receive the card. Sgt Tom Lema”


-David Marx-
North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council Public Safety Committee Chair

12 Replies to “Police Whistles Available at Nazzaro Center

  1. Thank you for arranging for these. We were at the Nazzaro Center last night and were greeted by Bruce offering whistles.

  2. I think this is a good idea but it’s a sad day when the north end is not safe for any woman walking its streets.

    1. despite the two recent incidents, i think the north end is still a very safe neighborhood for anyone to walk. i think the statistics cleary support this statement. given its location, high rents, and limited public housing, i think the north end will continue to be safe for the foreseeable future.

    1. I was just talking with some friends who live in other states about the whistles. They thought I was joking. So I referred them to this site.

  3. Whistles will help but it is a band aid solution now the bad guys know woman will have whistles around their neck. What is really needed is more police presence & not for just a few days after an incident & more suryveillance cameras in the neighborhood.Some leadership is also needed rather then the Marty Walsh “solution” which is to have woman walk in pairs/ That would work if the woman were roommate’s,lived in the same bldg or adjacent bldgs.The flaw in the plan is lets say that one of the woman walking in pairs lives on Endicott St. & the other lives on North St eventually one of them will end up walking home alone.

  4. Does anyone know how many whistles have been given out over the years I just found 4 in my draw so far we need cameras police visibly who was at the dest while the guy was getting high in the Nassaro center that girl another girl and that kid are all ways around drugs are being sold on Endicott st for over 30 years still man playground is another shooting Gallarie I never walk home from Fulton st alone at dusk this is obsurd politicians are great for taking pictures and giving out flowers take a look in Regional sorry but it’s called realization

  5. We definitely need the police to expand their ‘beat’ to beyond Hanover Street. I agree with Corinne-Endicott and Stillman are a mess.

    Drugs and hot goods (being sold by glassy-eyed druggies) are at the corners of Endicott & N Margin and Endicott & Thatcher.

    Stillman is not a kids’ playground after 2-3 in the afternoon. It’s a teenage drinking gathering and a shooters gallery.

    If the cop does not want to walk the distance to the other side of the neighborhood, maybe we could buy him a bicycle. Works in other communities.

    1. Well said Maria! The police definitely need to expand their “beat”. Please include Charter St., Snowhill, Hull, Unity, Henchman – to name a few.

  6. Whistles? How about another self defense class that is actually publicized? It’s great there was a BPD self defense class after the February assault. However, my friends and I only found out about it after the class.

    I also find Walsh’s recommendation that women walk in pairs/groups ridiculous, sexist, and unrealistic. It also reflects a “blame the victim” mentality. It’s 2014; take steps to make it safer for women to be out alone and publicize efforts to help them defend themselves.

    Also, why is MA one of the few states that requires a firearm permit for pepper spray? If they’re going to require it, what can be done to speed up the turnaround time? It seems ridiculous that one can go to a gun show, purchase a gun without a previously existing gun permit, and yet permission to carry a non-lethal spray requires up to an 8 week wait time.

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