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Notable News Found Elsewhere: Expanding Liquior Licenses and Visitor Numbers Increasing on the Greenway

Haven’t had much time to surf the web for The North End / Waterfront news this past week? Not to worry, we have gathered all the relevant articles from alternate news sources. Mike’s Pastry hits twice with news of their Harvard Square location approval and their Hanover Street shop making a list of the coolest small businesses in Boston. The unique North End convenient store, The Connah Store, gets a breakdown from a local perspective. The Greenway was on the rise in 2013, marking a significant increase in the number of visitors from 2012. Also listed below, you’ll see two articles pertaining to two prevalent things that help shape the identity of the neighborhood – pizza and liquor licenses. A great compliment comes to the neighborhood as leaders from Cities all over the country stopped at the Eliot School in the North End to kick off their tour of successful urban schools. Due to St. Patrick’s day, be sure to read about some green animals you may have never heard of at the New England Aquarium and discover a new way to celebrate this week, a Zeppole on St. Patty’s Day? Learn about the Armenian Heritage Park and read the take on the Paul Revere story told through the eyes of local North Enders!

The Connah Store, photo courtesy of Bostoniano
The Connah Store, photo courtesy of Bostoniano

The North End’s Connah Store 

In the North End neighborhood, the Connah Store is one of the few places left to grab a cold soda or a late night snack. The North End is a place recognized by many Boston residents as a place to get a great meal, but the Connah Store maintains that old school feel. Read more at Bostoniano.

Mike’s Pastry Approved For Harvard Square

Its official, The Cambridge Board of Zoning Appeals is unanimously supporting Mike’s Pastry opening in Harvard Square. The Italian bakery that has been in business for 67 years has signed a lease on Dunster Street for its first location outside of the North End. Continue reading at CBS Boston.

Seattle mayor leads delegation to tour Boston schools

The North End’s very own Eliot School is a role model for other major cities to take note of. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and a delegation of other top city officials toured Boston schools last week in hopes of improving their city’s education. Murray said that Boston holds a national reputation for having a well-developed curriculum. Read the story at the Dorchester Reporter.

A familiar box from Mike's Pastry, photo courtest of Facebook/Mikes-Pastry-Inc
A familiar box from Mike’s Pastry, photo courtesy of Mikes

The 21 Coolest Small Businesses In Boston

Mike’s Pastry, the local Italian bakery that boasts 17 different flavors of cannoli’s, including everything from the traditional plain ricotta to more unique fillings such as Limoncello, peanut butter, Amaretto, and Oreo. Named as one of the coolest small businesses in Boston, they also sell cannoli-decorating kits for customers who want to take all the different components home with them and make their own. Read more at the Business Insider.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Meet some awesome green animals

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the aquarium has displayed some green creatures that some of you may have never seen or heard of. View the article which consists of everything from the Green moray eel, Green sea anemone, to the Green Sea Urchin, at New England Aquarium.

A Weekend of Irish Whiskey and Zeppole!

Boston is a city with many ethnic groups, giving you the opportunity to be inclusive as you celebrate the events this week. Why not celebrate St. Patty’s week with a glass of Redbreast Irish Whiskey and the Italian celebration of Saint Joseph’s Day with a Zeppole from Modern Pasty? Or try the wonderful variety of Zeppole that come from other bakeries like Maria’s in the North End. View at BostonZest.

What's Paul Revere's story around the North End? Photo by Bostoniano
What’s Paul Revere’s story around the North End?

The True (North End) Story of Paul Revere

Read this great bio on Paul Revere, who was born in the North End in 1735. Besides his famous ride of April 18, 1775, Revere led an extremely interesting life. This story hopes to tell the history of Paul Revere as told to tourists by North End residents. Read Bostoniano for the North End version of the history of Paul Revere!

An Expanded Liquor License Proposal Is Working Its Way Through Beacon Hill

An ongoing topic of relevance to the North End / Waterfront continues to be liquor licenses. The bill, crafted by City Councilor Ayanna Pressley aims give the Boston Licensing Board authority over how many liquor licenses could be awarded, taking the control out of the state’s hands. Neighborhoods like Roxbury, Mattapan, Dorchester, and Hyde Park have been left in the dust without any viable options to help boost the appeal of local businesses through liquor licenses, this bill seeks to change that. Read article at Boston Magazine.

On a quiet Reading cul-de-sac, residents more than neighborly 

When speaking about close-knit communities, it’s no surprise that the North End neighborhood comes into the conversation. Guy Beninati, who grew up in Boston’s North End, now lives on a quiet cul-de-sac where he happily lives with his neighbors, who are more like family than just people next door. Read the story at The Boston Globe

The number of visitors increasing on the Greenway. Photo courtesy of the conservancy, Boston.com
The number of visitors increasing on the Greenway. Photo courtesy of the Conservancy via Boston.com

Visitation numbers for the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway rose sharply in 2013, conservancy says

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy is moving in the right direction, announcing that visitors were up in 2013. Marking roughly 853,000 visitors in 2013, compared to about 697,000 the previous year. The 1.5-mile-long string of parks in Downtown Boston has seen consistent attendance increases as more events and programs have been added to the greenway’s calendar. Red more at Boston.com.

Boston Chefs on Massachusetts’ Pizza Styles

Don’t miss the Pizza Week 2014 survey series, begging the question of whether Massachusetts has a definitive style of pizza. Key North End restauranteurs weigh in, like Phil Frattaroli who describes it as, “Somewhere between a Regina’s and Santarpio’s.” See the full story at Boston Eater.

The Armenian Heritage Park

Read this story about the spot on the Greenway that few know much about, the Armenian Heritage Park. A monument dedicated to the genocide of the Armenian people and their Armenian journey to America. Featuring the Abstract Black Metal Sculpture, a split dodecahedron, Armenian Heritage Park is a true celebration of the immigrant experience. Read more at Boston Bronze and Stone Speak To Us.

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