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Police Saturate North End and Update Residents on Assaults and Missing Person Cases [Video]

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The March North End Public Safety Meeting covered several recent high profile incidents in the neighborhood. District A-1 were represented by five officers and detectives at the meeting, including Captain James Hasson, Lt. Detective Chuck Wilson, Sgt. Thomas Lema, Officer Teddy Boyle and Officer Roy Garber.

Sgt. Gary Eblan teaches a self-defense class at the Nazzaro Center. (Photo by David Marx)

(00:00 in video) Sgt. Lema started the meeting announcing a self-defense course sponsored by Councilor Sal LaMattina, with Sgt. Gary Eblan  teaching a class titled, “Street Smarts: Reducing Your Odds.” The course attracted about 35 women from the North End and was held in response to recent assaults.

(2:25) Captain Hasson discussed Boston Police, District A-1, response to recent incidents including the saturation of the area with officers and patrols. A review of the last month’s crime statistics discussed robberies on Commercial Street and Prince & Salem Streets.

(7:00) Police arrested a man who made threatening and indecent remarks at Coconuts on Parmenter Street.

(10:15) A residential burglary on North Street was reviewed where a computer was stolen.

(12:40) Captain Hasson and Lt. Detective Chuck Wilson respond to questions from Neighborhood Council Public Safety Committee Chair, David Marx, about the investigation of the sexual assault on Unity Street.

(19:30) Lt. Detective Chuck Wilson discusses the missing person case of Eric Munsell. Video was acquired Munsell last seen around the Long Wharf Marriott and Aquarium. Police boats have been scoping the surrounding harbor area and continue to do so regularly. Police have braced the family that the body may not be found until the late Spring if Munsell fell in the harbor.

The low chains around Long Wharf and the waterfront were noted as being particularly dangerous late at night. Police have contacted the BRA about alternate solutions and compare the Munsell case to a similar one four years ago where Eugene Losik was found in the harbor. Lt. Det. Wilson noted that the Eric Munsell search probably saved the life of another man that fell in Boston Harbor at Long Wharf. The group also discussed the role of the downtown bar, Market, in the case and the responsibility of such establishments.

(34:00) District A-1 Police spoke in opposition to changes in the all-alcohol license at Davide Restaurant on Commercial Street at a recent Licensing Board hearing. In addition, Captain Hasson and Lt. Det. Wilson talked about their role in the licensing process and how violations are handled.

(40:30) Neighborhood Watch Program Coordinator, Wallace Tilford, addressed residents on how they can protect themselves and help the police respond to crime incidents. Whistles were handed out to all attendees.

(43:30) Preparations for St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Officers announced that the April North End Public Safety meeting will likely be canceled because of a scheduling conflict at the Nazzaro Center. NEWNC Public Safety Chair David Marx welcomed residents to contact him 617-416-6131 with public safety concerns. Similarly, District A-1 BPD asked residents to contact them about issues between meetings at 617-343-4240.

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  1. This month’s Safety meeting sounded very productive~~I’m sorry I missed it~~I was up-stairs at the Self Defense Class. Thank You to Matt Conti for filming ! Having Lieutenant Chuck Wilson at this meeting was a terrific asset~~he is a well informed officer and projects information well ! (Not that I’m Prejudice~~~ OF COURSE NOT)
    Chuck is my nephew and first God Child ! I happen to be very proud of him~~~WELL DESERVED !!!

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