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Friends of the North End South Gather For 5th Reunion [Photos]

On Sunday, March 2, 90 North Enders convened in Del Ray Beach, Fl. at the 5th annual reunion of the Friends of the North End South. The event was organized by Louis Gilardi and his wife Camille who are winter residents in Del Ray. Gus Pesaturo, Charlie Copolla and Victor Passacantilli assisted them in preparing for the get together.

The reunion was a great success and all who attended had a wonderful time revisiting a cherished part of their lives growing up in such a unique neighborhood. Many memorable stories were recounted during the dinner.

Gus told a funny story of playing la motta on Sundays on Salem Street. Victor Passacantilli read an essay he authored about his boyhood in the North End. He talked about street corner language, his cherished and enduring friendships, Sunday dinners and the ambiance the community had to offer the sons and daughters of first and second generation Italians. He remembered the aromas of the neighborhood. The buildings on Saturday smelled of sulfa naphtha (”sulfanetta”) and then on Sunday the same places were sweetened with the smell of fried meatballs and a bubbling gravy.

The ladies were in rare form singing ”We are the North End Girls” to the delight of the whole crowd. The feeling of pride all the North Enders were reliving that afternoon was summed up by Miles Reese who is originally from New Jersey. He is the husband of Angela Carcia who grew up in the North End. Miles stated that the North End is a truly special enclave embodied with a culture and character that will never be matched.
Victor Passacantilli

Here are some photos from the event. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.

Photos by Victor Passacantilli.

6 Replies to “Friends of the North End South Gather For 5th Reunion [Photos]

  1. Please let me know when you meet in the future, I am formerly from the North End and live year round in Delray Beach. Thank you.

    Mario Cella “Lefty”
    Brothers, Anthony and Ralph, sisters, Elena “Helen”, Connie and Florence.

    1. Carol, The reunion is scheduled for the 1st Sunday in March 0f 2015. If you call Louie Gilardi (781-696-1457) and give him your email address he will contact you next year.

  2. The DelRay re-union of NorthEnders and friends was great!…Hope to see more old friends next year and in years to come. Congrats to the committee who worked so hard to make this event successful …..Victor, Louie, Charlie, Gus and wives…thanks for another good memory to add to the lifetime of memories for having lived in the North End!
    May God continue to bless us all.
    Joann & Ray Capone

  3. my parents wintered in delray beach from 1973 till 1996 after my my mother died my father remarried and lived the rest of his life there..they loved delray beach no north enders at the time and im sure they would of loved it more..
    with north enders there now!

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