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Photo Gallery: North End Youth Hockey

North End Youth Hockey is going strong in its second season at the Steriti Skating Rink. Spearheaded by Coach Daniel Toscano, the program for kids teaches the fundamentals of ice hockey in a fun atmosphere. Developing and strengthening skating skills are emphasized along with proper stance, balance and agility. Key objectives are to enhance starting, stopping, gliding and striding skills; forward, backward and lateral skating; basic puck handling and shooting drills. And of course, there are practice games. The 15 week program started last November and ends in mid-March. Participation has increased from last year and organizers hope to continue to grow it in the future. Contact for more information.

Coaching staff:  Daniel Toscano, Patrick McCarthy, George Barker, Corey Stearns, Bryan Derrick, Billy Woods, Greg Marenghi and Steven Virgilio.  The youth hockey group also thanks Steven Virgilio and ROC Teen Saturday for providing the North End Youth Hockey program with team jerseys.

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Photos by Matt Conti. High resolution gallery and prints.