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Attention North End Residents – Rat Poisoning in Greenough Lane

RUFF was alerted last night by the owner of a dog that was poisoned in Greenough Lane, small park off of Charter Street. The owners were walking their dog, on leash, in the Greenough lane area when they discovered what their dog was interested in. The poison is the same that we have seen before – blue rat poison.

RUFF wants all dog owners to be on alert and keep vigilant when walking their dogs in and around the Greenough Lane/Charter street area. This poisoning is extremely toxic and can be deadly to dogs. Dogs are VERY attracted to this particular type of poison. Also a warning to parents as this rat poison often looks like rock candy.

We ask anyone who knows who may be putting this rat poison out to please contact us at info@ruffboston.org – we are willing to help coordinate with the city officials to bring in rat traps and help the property owners with this problem in a safe and effective way. Dogs or children ingesting this could kill them. Please help us keep our dogs and children safe.

We are happy to report the dog who was poisoned is alive and is on the mend due to the quick action of his parents. See the photo and link below for additional information as it is important to all residents be aware of this problem so we can all stay safe.


11 Replies to “Attention North End Residents – Rat Poisoning in Greenough Lane

  1. I would never hurt any animal~~~but I would like to rid the world of rodents !!!
    My question is to RUFF~~~are dog owners aware of the fact that dog poop is considered a delicacy for rats??
    Maybe if people pick up their dog’s leavings (in a plastic bag or not) and dispose of it properly~~~ there would be less rats roaming the streets and homes in our fare City !!
    I do not think that laying out rat poison is the answer, especially for the safety of dogs AND CHILDREN~~~ but like I said~~I hate rodents !

    1. Janet, as I agree with you that I hate rodents as well…this is not the way to take care of the problem. This rat poison is deadly to pets if the owner does not take the dog immediately to the emergency room for treatment, which is most likely VERY $$$$. I am a dog owner who picks up after my dog and i find your comment very NASTY. Pets should not have to suffer because a very stupid person put poison that ATTRACTS animals in an area where FAMILY PETS frequent. BTW they do make rat traps that are NOT harmful to pets or children. Yes, irresponsible dog owners give good dog owners a bad rap, however its not right to lump all owners together! I HATE dodging dog poop and GLASS (from irresponsible humans) all over the neighborhood.

      1. Agreed N. End Resident, I am also a responsible owner who picks up after my dog AS WELL as other irresponsible owners. I have heard of several incidents last spring / summer of dogs getting into this rat poison in the neighborhood. It breaks my heart to read such insensitive comments such as Janet’s. There are other safer methods….for one not leaving trash all over the neighborhood. Question, are the residents putting this out? the city? Its very dangerous to animals and children, lets come up with an alternative!

        1. The initiative put forth by Toni Gilardi will help IMMENSELY…there will be less trash on the street for rats to feed on.

      2. Your comment was much nicer than mine (I’m guessing that’s why it never showed up), but you make the same points. I can’t believe Janet’s comment has as many “ups” as “downs”. SMH

      3. what about this comment from janet is nasty? she is clearly stating a fact. if your dogs are on leashes, then you as an owner should keep the dog away from the poison or anything else that may harm your dog. same goes for parents. if you watch your children they shouldn’t go near it. yes, there are better solutions. i just do not see anything nasty about this comment. i can see you feeling guilt because you may not be responsible, or you let your dog run free , other than that. she did not say anything wrong.

        1. My point about Janet’s comment is that she’s claiming dog poop is in any way a significant factor in the rat problem in the neighborhood. Does anyone actually believe that?

  2. Janet, please! You know better than anyone that the number one reason we have a rat problem in the North End is because of improperly disposed human waste, trash, litter, not dog waste!

  3. In my comment, I did say that I DO NOT think that laying out poison is a good idea !!! It is a TERRIBLE IDEA !
    If you read my post, I, (in NO way) say that this should be done !!!! In fact, this poison should not even be sold to the public !!!
    I DO feel that The City should be paying more attention to our problems and needs in the North End !!
    In my post, I also said that I would NEVER want an animal God Forbid OR a Child get sick or die unnecessarily !!!
    Thank God there are responsible dog owners~~maybe you could admonish the other ones that are not ??

    I’m sorry if I sounded like I am against dogs owners~~~I CERTAINLY AM NOT !!!!!

    The posting was about Rat Poison~~and I admit that I went off on a different subject all together !

    Accept my apology ???

    1. Kudos Janet! It is not often someone gets “scolded” on the blog and writes back to clarify or apologize, so thank you. We dog owners can get overly sensitive when it comes to our “babies”.

    2. Thank you Janet for your apology. What I thought was nasty from your first comment was how you ending it by stating “but like I said~~I hate rodents !”. That came off as “Nasty” and like you really did not care if some dogs were poisoned in the act.

      As for mc – Your comment is completely ignorant. My dog is ALWAYS on a leash, as he is blind!!! A dog on a leash DOES NOT in any way, shape or, form make impossible for a dog to eat, lick, or step on the poison. Have you ever stepped on glass, gum, or dog poop, are you walked on a leash so you avoid that NEVER EVER happens to you? Should children in parks where they play be on leashes so they don’t encounter rat poisoning?? Ugh!!!

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