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After a North End Weekend, Wild Turkey Heads Downtown

After spending Friday on the waterfront, it was a long weekend in the North End for the Wild Turkey with several sightings.

Shown above in front of Caffe Vittoria, Tim Griffin saw it on Easter morning walking on Hanover Street. “He sauntered right by Mike’s Pastry crossing from Prince Street by St. Leonard’s Church,” Tim says. “He followed all traffic laws and stayed in the sidewalk.”

Looking a little tired (and fatter) after the long weekend, another North End Tim shares this photo below on Monday morning. The turkey was walking past the site designated for the Boston Public Market near Haymarket. It’s a good thing the market has been delayed in opening because it would definitely qualify as “locally sourced.” Or, Tim thinks this might be its morning commute by asking, “I wonder where he works?”

Later on Monday, it was seen in Chinatown.