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Tough Luck for Car Owners That Read the Street Cleaning Signs on Prince Street

It was a street cleaning snafu Tuesday morning on Prince Street, says Charles Sether.

The signs for street cleaning were changed out and Prince Street now is posted as being cleaned from noon time until 4 on Tuesdays. A lot of people left their cars on the street and they got towed when the street cleaners showed up for 8 o’clock to noon time cleaning.

Some of them were arguing with the towing company but the tow truck drivers told them to go screw and tough luck. They said, “we’re taking the cars because the cleaners are coming.” They didn’t care what the signs said.

7 Replies to “Tough Luck for Car Owners That Read the Street Cleaning Signs on Prince Street

  1. Yup. And your only recourse is pay the fee and go to small claims to get it back. I parked in an 8-12 after 12 and was towed at 1:10pm. The tow truck drivers can take your car anytime.

  2. To my knowledge approximately 4 vehicles were towed. These vehicles were released without any towing charges. If you think that your car was mistakenly towed from Prince Street, please contact the Boston Transportation Department at 617-635-4680. The signage on Prince Street is being corrected to prevent this problem from occurring in the future.

    Ryan Kenny
    NEWNC Resident Parking/Traffic Committee Chair

  3. Tow truck operators are only supposed to remove cars AFTER they have been ticketed, so if they cannot produce a ticket, you shouldn’t have to pay anything to get your vehicle back.

  4. Mr Kenny,

    Can the abusive attitude of the tow truck drivers be addressed? How about, “Sorry, just following my orders.”

    Aside from not having to pay for the tow (which is a given) What kind of recompence do the car owners receive for the stress and complete waste of their time? Free lunch at city hall?

    I don’t even live near Prince Street, but this type of “you can’t fight city hall” makes me frustrated.

  5. Well we are on the tow truck subject again City of Boston Residents please also Beware of THe mayor still allowing Btd to tow the UPS and Fedex trucks that are out of the way on Comerical st and Atlantic ave , Well the drivers are delivering to residents in the area .Still to date their are only three commercial spots within these streets.

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