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Notable News Found Elsewhere: Waterfront Family Fun Week, Whisk Back Open, DiMasi Health Problems and More!

Whether you’re planning for Valentine’s Day, February school vacation week, or you’re simply trying to take advantage of Black History Month – there are opportunities for you. Whisk will be doing a special re-opening this Thursday and Friday with a tasting that is sure to blow away you and your Valentine’s date. The Winter on the Waterfront will be making February vacation fun and educational for kids looking to stay busy during their week off. The North End is rich in history but did you know it has a wealth of African-American history? Former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi’s health continues to decline while he serves his sentence, see an interview with his concerned wife. Hear about the fundraising free skate for the Eliot School that was made possible through a collaborative effort from the school community and generous donations. Enjoy the weather before Thursday’s storm moves in!

Debbie DiMasi being interviewed by WGBH
Debbie DiMasi being interviewed by WGBH

Sal DiMasi’s Wife On Her Husband’s Declining Health

Former Massachusetts Speaker of the House, Sal DiMasi continues to be on the bad side of news, pertaining to his health. DiMasi’s wife maintains that her husband’s health has been declining in prison, medical records that the prison withheld from 2012 indicate that DiMasi’s tongue cancer has spread to his lungs, watch the interview at WGBH.

Black History Month: A look at The North End

Today, the North End’s identity exists within its proud Italian culture, many may not know that the neighborhood has seen many waves of immigrants throughout history. From the Irish, Jewish, Portuguese, and African-Americans. Read about the rich African-American history throughout the North End and see details on a self-guided tour of the Black Heritage trail that will put you on the path of Boston’s first African-Americans. Read more at The Boston Harbor Association.

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of The Boston Harbor Association

February 14th – 21st is Waterfront Family Fun Week!!

The Boston Waterfront will be hosting fun and educational events during February school vacation week. Some events include a crazy hat contest, a science fair, an elegant tea party and more! Kids 18 and under can win a $5,000 savings bond for college by visiting participating businesses or museums during the vacation week, details and more at The Boston Harbor Association.

Skating Toward Better Education: North End’s Eliot School Free Skate Provides Fundraising Opportunity

The North End’s Steriti Memorial Rink was the sight of a free skate to benefit the Eliot School. The event was not only a social gathering for the Eliot School community but it also raised funds to help with school enrichment sources. Event proceeds, donations, and a 50-50 raffle aimed to raise as much funds as possible for the neighborhood school, read more at The Boston Globe.

Whisk-LogoBoston’s Favorite Pop-Up Restaurant Returns for Two Nights Only This Week

Whisk, the hit restaurant on Hanover Street will be opening two nights this week, February 13th and 14th for six courses that are sure to surprise. Serving some of the most unique dishes in the city, both nights are sure to sell out, learn more at BostInno.

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