Reader Poll: Who’s Your Top Choice for District 1 City Councilor?

Boston’s preliminary municipal election will be next Tuesday, September 26. There are three candidates running to fill the seat being vacated by Sal LaMattina for District 1 (North End, Charlestown and East Boston) city councilor — Lydia Edwards, Margaret Farmer and Stephen Passacantilli. The top two candidates from that election will appear on the general municipal election ballot on November 7th, 2017.

Most recently, the neighborhood council (NEWNC) hosted a District 1 city council candidates night. To learn more about these candidates, you can also see our District 1 tag. Then, vote in our poll and share your comments below!

Note: Web polls are not scientific, representing only those readers who choose to vote.

A reminder that voting polls will be open from 7am to 8pm on election day. These are the polling locations serving most NorthEnd/Waterfront residents:

  • Christopher Columbus Apartments, 145 Commercial Street (Precinct 1)
  • Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennett Street (Precincts 2 & 3)
  • Casa Maria Apartments, 130 Endicott St. (Precinct 4, formerly was 41 N. Margin St. – KoC)
  • Harbor Towers / Rowes Wharf / Downtown (Precinct 6) votes at City Hall

More election information can be found at

6 Replies to “Reader Poll: Who’s Your Top Choice for District 1 City Councilor?

    1. Are you implying that Margaret Farmer and Stephen Passacantilli are not educated? Also pretty sure the word you attempted to spell was “councilors”.

  1. I think the most important thing any City Councillor can offer is the “TRUTH” and not be brainwashed by the
    Mayor or any other Politician. Our Trash, Rats, and Absentee Landlords are ongoing problems and nobody
    has conquered these problems yet. The fines are a joke & this is why the same violators are still trashing the
    neighborhood. The City accomadates the Restaurants & Tourists, what about the Residents? Went is it our

  2. We really need a fresh face and not a Walsh lackey. The city is filthy and there are more mentally ill and homeless on the streets than ever. The Mayor and cronies are worried about Olympics, car races, rewarding unions, protecting fiefdoms and other lofty ideas while things fall apart. It is so disheartening to know we are stuck with this for years to come. City councilors who will challenge him and not yes him are needed.!

  3. God Bless You pal50, no truer words were ever spoken. We are both on the same page. Transparency!!!!

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