Neighborhood Photo: Tour Buses Blocking Garage Entrance at 2 Atlantic Avenue

I have made several 311 entries regarding Tour Buses and Trolleys loading and unloading people in front of the garage at 2 Atlantic Avenue.  While people leaving the garage wait for several light cycles, the people entering from Commercial Street block traffic thanks to the single lane.  They city’s response was they’ll keep an eye on it. I’m skeptical, but we’ll see.

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4 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Tour Buses Blocking Garage Entrance at 2 Atlantic Avenue

  1. The North End needs more bus parking to accommodate tourist trade. Seniors in particular are not able to walk a huge distance trying to visit local shops, tourist sites and restaurants. The Steriti rink parking was always the place buses could go to park during the day while travelers were out spending money. Lets keep those spots and keep them coming back to our neighborhood.

  2. The 311 line is a joke we all pay for! I live at Union Wharf and i personally have called over 20 times with “problems”. Others in my building also calll ….. NO RESPONSE!

  3. Commercial street is no longer a street, it has became a narrow dangerous through way and an emblem for the poor planning the city’s leadership provides. Millions spent for bicycle lanes while our streets are destroyed, creating what is becoming one of the most dangerous mile in the city. No consideration or though was ever given to logic or access, this is another progressive attack on what belongs to the tax payer to fulfill promises to the unions and all those who vote for their personal gain not their civic responsibility.

  4. I so agree with Pam and Jorge. The lack of planning is laughable Trying to get into the tunnel is a daily grind. Between the tour buses. School buses. Delivery vans. Beer trucks. A mile from hell !

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