A plan to bring a restaurant development to Long Wharf by the Boston Redevelopment Authority has been stalled by a group of North End residents who have brought forward an old map found in Philadelphia, marking the territory as Federally protected space.  Speaking of food, is there a better place than the North End to have a “foodie feast?” A group of 17 Boston residents set out to take in all the best food, drinks, and treats the neighborhood has to offer. A duck makes its way down Salem Street while the character and history of the North End has made its way to San Diego. After the sexual assault last week in the North End, view video footage to help catch the suspect and read what Mayor Walsh is asking women do to help keep them safe when walking at night. In addition, officials are also taking heat from neighborhood groups who are requesting that the Government Center Garage project be scaled down. Read about the mystery North End Restaurant that’s up for sale, see if you can figure it out based on clues and location. Many of you will have a new work commute with the closing of the Government Center T stop, set for March 22nd. Massachusetts Republican Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker has publicly spoke of his support to bring Sal DiMasi to a prison closer to home. This week’s weekly roundup also has some food for the history buffs, with a collection of old North End photos and an exhibition of Old Boston maps at the Boston Public Library!

Pedestrians walk on Salem Street in the North End on Monday, February 17, 2014. Staff Photo by Matt West at The Boston Herald.
Pedestrians walk on Salem Street in the North End on Monday, February 17, 2014. Staff Photo by Matt West at The Boston Herald.

Marty Walsh to Women in North End: Do Not Walk Alone After Dark

After a man jumped a woman in an attempted sexual assault last week in the North End, A concerned Mayor Martin J. Walsh is urging women to not walk alone after dark and make efforts to walk in pairs. Boston Police have released footage of the alleged attacker’s in a surveillance video. Read more at The Boston Herald.

Neighborhoods Raise Questions Over Government Center Garage Redevelopment

Despite the Boston Redevelopment Authority approving the redevelopment of the Government Center Garage, three neighborhood groups are appealing the state to urge back on the size of the project. The neighborhood groups are worried about the lack of planning for the garage redevelopment and the additional 10 new developments in the area. Continue reading at the Boston Business Journal.

This retired retired National Park Service manager has haulted the BRA's plan for Long Wharf, Read at The Boston Globe.  Photo by DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF
This retired National Park Service manager has halted the BRA’s plan for Long Wharf, Read at The Boston Globe. Photo by DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF

Map Upends Long Fight Over Restaurant in Boston

A group of North End residents have successfully stalled a restaurant development on the end of Long Wharf. The BRA won a court decision last year clearing the way for Doc’s Long Wharf restaurant. But now, a retired National Park Service manager brought forward an old map, claiming the edge of the Long Wharf as “protected space.” Read what else this 1980’s agreement said at The Boston Globe.

Police Seek Man Seen On Video In Area Of North End Sexual Assault

Have you seen footage of the suspect who jumped a woman last week in the North End? Take a look at surveillance footage of the man that has Boston Police on the lookout, at Boston.com.

Baker Wants DiMasi Moved to Prison Closer to Home

Charlie Baker, the Republican gubernatorial candidate is advocating for the relocation of former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi. DiMasi, who is battling cancer while serving his sentence for corruption, has been requesting to be transferred to a prison closer to home. Read more at The Boston Globe.

The planned closing of the Government Center T stop. Boston Magazine, IMAGE VIA MBTA
The planned closing of the Government Center T stop. Boston Magazine, IMAGE VIA MBTA

Government Center T Stop Will Close for Two Years Starting in March

Many of you may have noticed the sign above the Government Center T stop, announcing its closing date. The work will begin soon, resulting in two years of construction that aims to improve the connection between the Green and Blue Lines. Read the improvement that the T stop will feature at the conclusion of the project at, Boston Magazine.

Buy This Mystery North End Restaurant for $299,000

Can you guess this restaurant for sale in the North End? Located somewhere on Salem Street, the 650 square foot restaurant is listed for $299,000. It has 24 seats, a small bar, and patio doors, read more clues at, Boston Eater.

A Foodies’ Feast In The Famous North End

A group of 17 people from all over Boston trekked through the 15 degree weather to eat at some of the North End’s best restaurants. They made several stops along their route, enjoying each place for different reasons. See what places they stopped at, the highlights of their meals, and get a feel of their overall experience at, Dish Crawl.

The Green Dragon Tavern Replica. Photo courtesy of the San Diego Eater
The Green Dragon Tavern Replica. Photo courtesy of the San Diego Eater

Welcome Green Dragon Tavern & Museum

The character and feel of Boston’s North End has made its way to San Diego. The 22,000 square-foot Green Dragon Tavern & Museum is a replica of the North End’s historic Green Dragon Tavern, read more at San Diego Eater.

Duck on Salem Street

While some suggest that this duck may have in fact been looking for the Wild Duck, there was a duck taking a stroll down Salem Street last week, making his way through the lovely North End on Valentine’s Day, courtesy of UniversalHub.

Vintage: North End, Boston

Take a look at this collection of old pictures from the North End neighborhood. With several photos from the early to mid 1900’s, some of these photos date back to the early 1800;s, check out the photos on Pinterest.

Boston Harbor in New England, [Cyprian Southack, 1769] Photo by  Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library.
Boston Harbor in New England, [Cyprian Southack, 1769] Photo by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library.

Paul Revere Maps among those “Made In Boston” BPL Map Center Exhibition

Many may know about the legendary midnight ride of Paul Revere, but did you know he was an engraver and map maker? This exhibition of “Made in Boston” at the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library will only being open until March 10th, read more and view photos of the exhibition at BostonZest.

Reliving The Odd Horror of Boston’s Molasses Flood 

The history of the Great Molasses Flood that claimed the lives of 21 people continues to be an interesting read, 85 years after the metal tank erupted on Commercial Street, sending a deadly wave of gooey molasses two blocks. The contents of the tank weighed 26 million pounds and had 2.3 million gallons of molasses. Read more at The Andover Townsman.

Did you find additional North End News? Add the link in the comment section below. And as always, feel free to share your thoughts!

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    • I always hear this snarky comment – it’s immensely easier to build a new tower than it is to gut and renovate an existing underground space. Two years may be a bit conservative, but the comparison being made here is entirely unfair.

    • The Empire State is comparable to a lego tower….every floor the same layout….a narrow building….simpler structure than what is done nowadays. A T station is a more complex and strategically engineered undertaking. I admire the engineers who manage to build tunnels and tracks underground, and who manage to choreograph the comings and goings of trains without a hitch.

      • “…manage to choreograph the comings and goings of trains without a hitch.”
        So I’m guessing you’ve never ridden the T, then?

        • I’m speaking about the engineers’ work – their designs — how they are able to construct and plan and lay out the tracks. That’s what I mean by choreographing the lines under the city. The trains themselves may be old now, but the train tracks are laid out fine. Guess you didn’t understand me.

  1. That’s nothing…they have been constructing the front of Santander/Soveriegn Bank since Halloween and it doesn’t look like they are yet close to finishing.

  2. I have mixed feelings Re: Sal DiMasi. I didn’t know him personally other than to say hello but I feel he brought shame on the neighborhood & fellow Italians on the other hand he didn’t murder anyone & his wife & family didnt commit any crimes so at the very least they should bring him closer to home Fort Devon’s or pardon him.

    • Perfectly logical take by Micaheld. Sal committed fraud. Was indicted and then convicted by a jury. However he didn’t actually murder anyone and his wife seems nice so we should pardon him….I mean honestly Michael did you read what you just wrote. Newsflash if you don’t want to spend time in federal prison don’t accept illegally accept bribes. Otherwise we will see you in 2018 when you are released from prison.

  3. Salem St Kid, the man is suffering with stage 4 tongue & throat cancer is fed thru a tube in his stomach, has lost 50lbs & been diagnosed with lung cancer. He wasn’t sentenced to death & I suggested a transfer to Ft Devons which is a Federal Prison or a pardon.So you should know the facts before you comment.

    • to Michaeld: I guess you have a fight on your hands with everyone disagreeing with you.
      I agree with you. He is a human being and is suffering. He needs acute medical attention.
      And these people who criticize him for taking bribes…..don’t tell me they never did anything underhanded. I do not understand how people think.

      • Marisa,I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with my opinion.People not having compassion or mercy for Sal DiMasi is what it is. In my initial comment I pointed out that I dont know DiMasi & he is not a friend of mine & let me add that I dont condone or make any excuses for the choices that he made.But I do feel that someones health issues should be a factor in being granted a pardon or at the very least move him to a prison coser to home. its been done before.I feel that whatever time he has left he should be able to spend it with his wife, children & family.Yes Sal was an elected official but so was mayor James M Curley who was reelected mayor while serving time in a federal prison [his second federal prison stretch] he was PARDONED & released by no less the POTOUS Harry Truman. Later Truman Pardoned both convictions & Curley went on to become Gov. of Ma & there are statues of this guy in this city.

  4. Michaeld, you first post suggested the reason for the Sal being moved or pardoned was due to the nature of his crime and his family’s actions. The fact is that Sal, an elected official, abused the trust of his constituents by commiting fraud. The fact is he was sentenced to jail for a specified amount of time. I am sorry but there is a price to pay for what he did, whether you are sick or not or whether you have a good family should have no bearing on your jail sentence.

  5. Kid, the family have to fly down to Kentucky to visit him. At least the Feds can move him to a prison that has medical facilities and is closer to his family for humane reasons.

  6. The guy committed a crime and he’s serving his time(non-violent, but still a major crime. I get it) ), That being said, I don’t think it’s such a horrible idea to transfer him closer to home. He did a lot for his constituency, although made a major mistake which will follow him to the grave. There are worse people in the system than Sal.

    Who knows? When they finally get around to executing Johar, that may open up a spot!

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