North End Resident Parking Abuse at Parcel 7 Haymarket Garage (5 Investigates)

Sixty discounted parking spaces at the Parcel 7 Haymarket Garage were dedicated North End residents during and after the Big Dig as mitigation for lost parking elsewhere in the neighborhood. The $150 monthly rate is more than half off the garage rate for a typical indoor parking spot.

Now, 5 Investigates finds those North End parking spots are being used by non-residents and businesses. “More than 40% of the 64 people on the list for discounted parking are either questionable or don’t qualify at all,” said 5 Investigates who tracked down the addresses and found non-eligible drivers are taking the spaces even though they do not live anywhere near Boston’s North End.

MassDOT is responsible of the State-owned  garage and said they are in the process of cleaning up the list. See more at WCVB5’s website.

The Parcel 7 Haymarket Garage also offers $3 visitor parking for 3 hours with validation by a North End business. The garage can be entered at Old Sudbury Street, in the same building as the Boston Public Market and Haymarket T Station.

13 Replies to “North End Resident Parking Abuse at Parcel 7 Haymarket Garage (5 Investigates)

  1. Do you know how many people live out of the No. End & they have No. End Stickers because
    they have property here. People that work in the No.
    Emd have No. End stickers because someone made them use their address & put
    a bill under their name so they can get a sticker to park on our streets. This has been
    going on for years. Do you see anyone doing anything about it? NO NO NO.
    Bottom line, give the spaces to the residents only & let everyone else pay to park.

    1. To get a sticker all you need is a utility bill with your name on it. Make the residential address on the license be the requirement. Same should apply to these parking spaces. If you get picked up and your address isn’t current, then you are looking at a fine and possible revocation. If stickers and parking permits were all tied into the same system, defrauding city parking could make this more expensive.

      1. Dont you need to produce your registration as well?The utility or any bill must be issued within the last 30 days.

      2. The RMV must make it a requirement that when simeone moves they have to update their address on their license,not the sticker that they hand out.

  2. So they plan to enforce the residency policy starting March. Will they make any effort to claw-back revenue from the vehicle owners who’ve been violating the policy for years?

  3. I don’t think there will be any penalties involved. Look at the neighborhood.
    The trash is still being put out whenever they feel like putting it out & it is always
    the same buildings, which are Absentee Landlords.

  4. The City has to step up to the plate & require more than a utility bill to get a
    neighborhood sticker. I think driver’s licenses & car registrations should be
    presented in order to get a sticker. If anyone gets caught taking No. End spaces
    away from Residents & they live elsewhere, the fine should be mindblowing.
    The City is not using Enforcement, and that is why we are still talking about
    Trash all these years later. Lack of Enforcement. Fines are a joke, that is why
    we are still shoveling s–t against the tide. People only get away with what you
    allow them to get away with.

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