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Notable North End News Found Elsewhere Brings Haymarket Violence, Mike’s Pastry Plans and Flood Zone Maps

Haven’t made it over to the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in a while? See the proposal to make the marketplace more appealing to Bostonians. Mike’s Pastry looks to expand to Harvard Square and the North Bennet Street School continues to utilize their skills in the community. If those didn’t hit close enough to home, see the video of a woman being robbed in the Haymarket T stop. Governor Patrick had some comments of interest for those living in flood zones along the Waterfront. See all that and more in this weeks notable news found elsewhere!

The famous Mike's Pastry. Photo from Mikespastry.com
The famous Mike’s Pastry. Photo from Mikespastry.com

Mike’s Pastry Planning To Open New Shop In Harvard Square

Could the news be true? Will Hanover Street in the North End not be the only place you can grab a pastry from Mike’s? Harvard Square could be a new home to grab these famous treats. Learn more at CBS Boston

North Bennet Street School offers locksmithing, cabinet making

The North Bennet Street School has been a part of the North End community for 132 years and it offers trades that few other schools possess. Whether its bookbinding, locksmithing, or cabinet making, students use their unique skill set to benefit communities all over the City of Boston. Read more at Boston.com

Legal wrangling over Todd English’s defunct Faneuil Hall restaurant could tie up proposed Legal restaurant in Charlestown

See why the Boston Licensing Board is considering a delay on a proposal for a restaurant in Charlestown. The closing of Kingfish Hall has left Roger Berkowitz’s proposal for Olives in a bind. See what the board will be voting on at Universal Hub

Photo courtesy of the Boston Herald. Staff Photo by Nancy Lane
Photo courtesy of The Boston Herald. Staff Photo by Nancy Lane

Upgraded appeal eyed for Faneuil Hall Marketplace

In an effort to make the touristy Faneuil Hall Marketplace a more appealing hangout for Bostonians, there is a proposal to install an outdoor reading room, games like chess and Jenga open for public play. New York’s Biederman Redevelopment Ventures is heading the outdoor planning, but that’s not all that this project has in store, read more The Boston Herald 

Man captured on video beating, robbing woman at Haymarket T stop

Watch this disturbing video of a man who beat and robbed a woman at the Haymarket T station at 11pm. In the passageway between the Green Line and Orange Line, the man got hold of a woman and managed to get away. Help police find this man, don’t miss the video at Universal Hub

Governor Deval Patrick. Staff photo by Angela Rowlings.
Governor Deval Patrick. Courtesy of The Boston Herald, Staff photo by Angela Rowlings.

Patrick: Feds should ‘slow down’ on costly flood-zone maps

A topic that hits home for a lot of North Enders and those who live on the Waterfront – flood-zones. With the new maps resulting in insurance rates that could cripple those living on the water, see what Governor Patrick thinks about these new FEMA maps at  The Boston Herald

Boston’s 9th annual CityFeast, Jan. 26

See which North End restaurants are participating in this years CityFeast to benefit the Joslin Diabetes Center High Hopes Fund. Tickets for these five-course meals are $150 and reservations are limited. Get more information at Boston.com

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  1. I totally agree that mikes pastry would never be what is is today if it weren’t for Dora, Dianne and Phyllis… I remember going there as a kid and mikes First wife an His kids were always working!!! And what did they get for everything they did….. nothing!!

  2. I remember going to the original Mikes Pastry and my mother letting me dunk my biscotti in her coffee in the 50’s. It was just a small bakery back then. Great memories.

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