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Do All the JFK Building Lights Need to Be On at 5:50 am?

I do a fair amount of speaking about climate change and the seawater headed my way, and the one question that always comes up is: “But what can I do?”
One thing you could do right now is email Sen. Edward Markey and Sen. Elizabeth Warren and ask: “Why do we need all the lights on every workday morning in the JFK Building at 5:50 am?” This was taken Wednesday.

4 Replies to “Do All the JFK Building Lights Need to Be On at 5:50 am?

  1. Umm how about cleaning crews? Plus how about the staffers who get to work early due the different hours the work? Not to mention that there is a plethora of other issues I would rather Markey and Warren working on then a few light bulbs

  2. There is a minimum light level required 24/7 by law in commercial office space to allow anyone to find their way to an exit during an emergency. One candle per square foot is the formula. At night, (when it’s dark at 5:30 AM) this may seem like the whole building is lit up. There are a number of reasons a person can be in the building at odd hours (forgot keys to home perhaps). You don’t want to be that person without a flashlight when the fire alarm goes off.

  3. Kinda hard to imagine every light on every floor is needed at that hour but…I guess other people know more about that building.

  4. I Tweeted @SenWarren & @SenMarkey

    Why, in these days of Climate Crisis, is Federal JFK bldg in Boston lit all night? Pls Turn off lights.

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