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St. John School After School Drama Club and Dance Club Perform Christmas Numbers

DSC_0019St. John School’s after school drama club entertained a large audience of Christmas revelers on Thursday, December 19th with their first ever play, which was a holiday re-telling of Scrooge’s First Christmas by Charles Dickens.

The students performed several scenes from the much loved Christmas Classic following ‘Scrooge’ and his encounters with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future as well as a few Christmas carols including Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls and Silent Night.

The cast of Scrooge’s First Christmas was made up of students in Grades K5 through Grade 4 including:

Scrooge: Caitlin McDonough
Narrator: Francesca Brocca
Jacob Marley: Brian Schekel
Little Girl: Abigail DeRoeve
Bob Cratchit: RJ Garfield
Nephew: Michelle Rallo
Gentleman 1&2: Laura Nguyen
Ghost of Christmas Past: Taila Cerqueira
Fezziwig: Gia DiNunzio
Ghost of Christmas Present: Julianna Vitello
Mrs. Cratchit: Taila Cerqueira
Tiny Tim: Thomas McMahon
2 Young Cratchits: Brian Shekel and Michelle Rallo
The Children: Brian Shekel, Laura Nguyen and Michelle Rallo
Ghost of Christmas Future: Gia DiNunzio

Our dance club also performed several dance routines to the tunes of Eye of a Hurricane, Footloose, Dynamite and a Salsa number.

The fantastic dance cast was made up of Grade K3 through Grade 2 students and included: Isabella Benning, Gabriela Bethlendy, Francesca Brocca, Kayla Bohlin, Penelope Clinard, Kiernan Day, Abigail DeRoeve, Emery DeRoeve, Emerson Donati, Antonio Falbo, Pilar Gali, Chloe Geenwalt, Lexi Howard, Colette Leighton, Mitchell Leighton, Sorcha MacDermott, Naimh MacDermott, Peter McMahon, Isabella Morales, Julia Morellato, Laura Nguyen, Michael Nguyen, Michelle Rallo, Tessa Rice, Sofia Ruth-Hain, Alyssia Sainsbury-Wong, Eden Stewart, Grace Waldo and Jaya Williams.

Our Christmas Carolers included Angelina Bennet, Kayla Bohlin, Francesca Brocca, Talia Cerquleira, Penelope Clinard, Kiernan Day, Abigail DeRoeve, Emery DeRoeve, Gia DiNunzio, Emerson Donati, Lewis Edwards, Antonio Falbo, RJ Garfield, Zachary Hyne, Naimh MacDermott, Caitlin McDonough, Peter McMahon, Thomas McMahon, Julia Morellato, Laura Nguyen, Michael Nguyen, Gianluca Pasquale, Sabrina Pasquale, Alex Puopolo, Ben Puopolo, Michelle Rallo, Tessa Rice, Lena-Marie Sainsbury-Wong, Brian Shekhel, Eden Stewart, Julianna Vittello and Stella Ward.

It has been great seeing the excitement of our students getting ready for their big drama and dance performances and practicing their roles. What a wonderful performance by our students, it was a great way to finish out our after school program for 2013 and remind us all the importance of Christmas season.

Our students were under the direction of BCC’s Becca Griffin, Courtney Laflamme, Ingrid Oslund and Emily Trask.

A great job was done by all of our performers. We thank everyone for coming to our performance and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!