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Bartlett Place “Parklet” Back on Track, Topping Off Salem Street Renovation

Crews placing brick-like tile sheets at Barlett Place parklet. (Photo by Mark Bernier)

On Friday, work is back on track at the Bartlett Street “parklet” off Salem Street. Crews are installing brick-like tile sheets over the asphalt. According to neighbor Mark Bernier, it looks “fantastic” and is a big improvement to what has been a literal dumping corner of the neighborhood.

After years of playing second fiddle to Hanover Street, the renovation and upgrade of the Salem Street corridor and its public infrastructure has brought new life to the North End’s “other main street.” The Bartlett Place parklet tops off the complete street upgrade of sewers, electrical, sidewalks, roadway and new acorn lighting.

Below is a rendering of the Bartlett Place parklet.

Bartlett Place Redesign Rendering – Feb 2013 (City of Boston Public Works)

9 Replies to “Bartlett Place “Parklet” Back on Track, Topping Off Salem Street Renovation

  1. I agree that the parklet and the rest of the upgrades to Salem really look great. Regarding the parklet, will the barricade and that ugly planter (that was there before all of the construction started) be removed?

    It would be great to have some benches and a big trash can there too, so tourists can throw their trash away after enjoying some local products in the parklet.

    1. I believe the original plan to include benches was rejected by abutting neighbors who worried that seating would encourage people to congregate noisily at night.

  2. Salem St atmosphere is great now, with all the changes. I pass great shops as I walk down to Cross Street.

  3. Mark S. You are absolutely right. There has to be some peace for residents or they will never
    be able to sleep when all the restaurant and bars close. The noise is endless the way it is now and
    placing benches would only increase the noise, also I do not think it is fair for any restaurant owners
    to have to deal with people eating food from other restaurants outside of their restaurant

    1. With the new owl service running busses & trains until 3 am which is basically a chauffeur system to transport the drunks from one bar & part of town to another I would anticipate more noise & booze fueled incidents than this past summer which was horrible.

  4. The renovations looks wonderful…. And the street that crosses both Hanover and Salem which is prince street looks like a dump…. When are they going to do something nice to that street????

  5. I assume that prince st is only residential and Salem and Hanover are commercial areas so they are more important???? Don’t think so… The residential areas should be improved as well!!!

  6. What an improvement! However I noticed that the planters have been placed so close to the bike racks that it will almost impossible to lock a bike up safely.

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