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Salem Street Market Held Up on Saturday Night; Possible String

Police inside the Salem Street Market after the robbery on Saturday night.

The Salem Street Market was held up around 8pm on Saturday night.

The robber said he had a gun and got away with all of today’s deposit at the store, according to a North End resident.

Police responded and are checking video.

Salem Street Market operates a convenience store at 170 Salem Street in Boston’s North End.

Update: There were five more robberies like this one within a 24 hour period. Boston Police have arrested two suspects. Please see this updated post for more information.

12 Replies to “Salem Street Market Held Up on Saturday Night; Possible String

  1. The guys who own and work at this store are great people. They work hard and don’t deserve a gun pointed at them. I hope that whoever did this is caught. There are cameras in this place so that hopefully helps.

    1. Guest. I agree with you. The fact that a gun was pointed at them is a horror. They are good kids and work hard. They are polite and it seems the neighborhood people like them very much. I can’t believe this happened to them.

  2. Whats going on in the north end this stuff never happened years ago becouse it was a diffrent place then it is today sad very sad to be seeing this

    1. Frank. Convenient store robberies may not have taken place in the old days,
      but gang shootings did, as well as point- blank murders, such as the butcher who was shot in broad daylight in a butcher shop on Salem ST (that no longer exists).

      1. Liz, I dont disagree with you about gang shootings & I’m not proud of some of our past but you have to remember that the overwhelming majority of North End residents were than & now decent, hard working law abiding citizens.

  3. I just visited St. Leonard’s church & stopped in the Peace Garden to check out the Nativity scene & noticed that the baby Jesus was missing from the display. I’m hoping that there is an explanation & it wasn’t stolen?

  4. Many if not most people wait until Christmas Day to place the baby Jesus in the cradle. This could be the reason it is not in the Nativity scene at St. Leonard’s. I think we would have heard about it if it was stolen.

  5. I would guess the people that did this are junkies… I always see zombies walking around. Big problem everywhere not just n end.

  6. People here are assuming it is someone from the North End who is robbing these stores. This guy (or guys) could be from anywhere. Its a lot scarier if they live here but there is no information about the robbers that has been made public yet.

  7. Adam’s Convenence Store on Hanover St. just had an armed robbery this afternoon by 2 young guys. Too bad we don’t have Boston’s Finest walking the beat regularly, especially this time of year. Their presence might make a difference.

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