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Photo Gallery: Christmas Parade, Helicopter Santa & Mayor’s Trolley Tour

Continuing a tradition in its 43rd year, the North End Christmas Parade brought the holiday spirit to the neighborhood with a fun-filled Sunday afternoon of events for children of all ages. First, Santa Claus arrived by helicopter at the North End Park, Puopolo Field. After greeting swarms of kids, the annual Christmas Parade kicked off from Commercial Street, sponsored by the North End Athletic Association in memory of James “Jimmy” Pallotta. The parade featured marching bands, dancers and plenty of Christmas characters as it processed through the streets of the North End. This year, the parade ended at the Prado, Paul Revere Mall, where Mayor Menino’s last Enchanted Trolley Tour held a tree lighting with a performance by Joey Griffith of the Eliot School. Of course, Santa was also on hand to listen to kids’ gift requests in advance of the big day. Buon Natale!

 Photos by Matt Conti. High resolution gallery and prints.

3 Replies to “Photo Gallery: Christmas Parade, Helicopter Santa & Mayor’s Trolley Tour

  1. If the North End isn’t THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE~~~~I DO NOT KNOW WHERE ELSE COULD BE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Annual Christmas Parade just went by~~~If that doesn’t put a smile of joy on your face~~then NOTHING WILL !!!!!!
    Even if I was in a Coma~~~I would have heard what was going on !!!!
    Boy, this takes “A LOT” of volunteers to put that Extravaganza together !!!!
    Thank You people for the unselfishness that went into the sacrifices involved !!!! It’s times like these that~~~ I wish I could borrow some children so I could watch them enjoying this spectacular event !!
    I think back when I was a kid (many years ago)~~~~I lived at 190 North Street where the Langone Family lived~~~There was an empty storefront next door to our entrance~~~EVERY YEAR~~That wonderful Family would bring the orphans here to watch and enjoy this very same parade ! There would be many gifts, food, candy, Santa, and a day of LOVE for those beautiful children~~Please let’s never forget when a person or family goes out of their way to extend their kindnesses, the very least we can do is
    REMEMBER ! Pay it forward ! I think that’s the way it goes~~~~

  2. That whole parade was pretty great, with the exception of the pickup with the speaker rack on top – I get playing christmas music, that’s no problem with me, but the volume was out of control. Loud is ok… whatever that was was not ok, and I can’t believe the police were cool with it. I felt especially bad for the kids dancing right behind it, that’s a one-way trip to hearing problems in 15-20.

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