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North End News Found Elsewhere Brings Updates and Developments From All Facets

There is a lot going on here, but slow down because these articles are worth the time. See the latest casino updates from some of the elected officials who know it best. More restaurant attention in the North End with Vito’s Tavern and Ward 8. Don’t miss the latest developments on the Waterfront, Quincy Market, the North Bennet Street School and more! Try not to cheer at the screen when you read about the cheerleaders who are headed to Florida for Nationals. Dig through, there’s something for everyone here. 

Brokering peace with a cannoli casino summit

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina (Left) and Dan Rizzo, Mayor of Revere. Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe
Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina (Left) and Dan Rizzo, Mayor of Revere. Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina and Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo met at the North End’s Caffe Vittoria for conversation, cappuccino, and a cannoli. What were they talking about? The Boston Globe is calling it the Cannoli Summit, “the issue of whether a gambling palace should be built on Suffolk Downs has pitted neighbor against neighbor in Eastie, and now community against community as Mohegan Sun attempts to build a $1 billion casino on the Revere side of the race track.” Read more at The Boston Globe.

Celtics and Vito’s Tavern!

Boston Goes Dating reviews Vito’s Tavern. Vito’s is located on 54 Salem Street in Boston’s North End. “It’s a modern sports bar with an eclectic menu to satisfy even those with a love of spicy food!” says the site. Read the full review at Boston Goes Dating.

South Boston Cheerleaders headed to Nationals

Photo by Boston.com
Photo by Boston.com

These “Fighting Irish” Cheerleading team out of South Boston will head to Disney World in Florida for the second year for the Cheer and Dance National Championships. “The 13 member roster includes girls from South Boston as well as Dorchester and the North End,” says Boston.com. After placing third last year on the national stage, the team gets another shot and looks to grab gold. Read more at Boston.com

Lots Planned For First Night On The Waterfront!

Boston’s waterfront is no stranger to the winter elements. Between the freezing temperature and the brutal winds, it comes as no surprise why the foot traffic drops off this time of year. This year aims to be different with the Winter on the Waterfront program which aims to increase foot traffic in the Waterfront area December thru March in hopes of boosting commerce to neighborhood businesses. Read more at The Boston Harbor Association

New North Bennet Street School Already Feels Like Home

Photo by Boston.com
Photo by Boston.com

Read the praise of the North Bennet Street School in Boston’s North End and their accommodations for the growing number of students and their expanding offerings. “With a capital campaign that raised $17.05 million and help from its many supporters, including Kennedy & Violich Architecture of Boston, the school now has 65,000 square feet of space in the form of two buildings, a former city printing plant and a former police station, connected by a gorgeous central atrium.” Continue reading and see more photos at Boston.com

Officials give green light to Boston’s first parking-free condo development

In an effort to reduce automobile use in the downtown area, see what Boston regulators approved Thursday night: Boston’s first parking-free condominium building next to North Station. “The 175-unit building is slated to rise at Lovejoy Wharf, a complex of homes, office, and retail spaces off Causeway Street in the West End. A new headquarters for sneaker company Converse Inc. is already under construction there, and the 15-story residential building will come next.” Continue reading at The Boston Globe

Q&A: Ward 8’s Kenny Schweizer

Photo by ZAGAT
Photo by ZAGAT

ZAGAT goes into depth about the newly-opened Ward 8 in the North End which brings a high-end cocktail vibe with trendy American cuisine to a neighborhood best known for Italians restaurants at every corner. Executive chef Kenny Schweizer who formerly cooked at the Four Seasons’ Bristol Lounge, Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger, and Daniel Bruce’s Meritage, has taken the reins in the kitchen. Don’t miss what Schweizer had to say when ZAGAT sat down for a chat to learn more about the most challenging jobs that developed his skill set, and how he brought those skills to Ward 8. Don’t miss this ZAGAT review and interview.

Menino, Boston Properties reach deal on TD Garden project

The Menino administration is ready to announce that they have reached an agreement with Boston Properties and Delaware North Cos. to allow construction of a 45-story residential tower near North Station and provide a lucrative tax break to support the $1 billion development, the Boston Business Journal has learned. Read more at Boston Business Journal

City to declare Boston Garden fetid cesspool of despair

The area in front of the Boston Garden is being designated as “blighted” by Mayor Tom Menino so the Garden and developers can recieve a multimillion dollar tax break for developing in such a “horrid” area, the Boston Business Journal is reporting. Mayor Menino will also be approving their request to make their tower of luxury residential units 45 stories. Courtesy of Universal Hub

Greenway: An ice day on the waterfront

Photo by The Boston Globe
Photo by The Boston Globe

Due to the bleak foot traffic during the winter months, the Boston Harbor Hotel is creating new reasons for residents to head down to the waterfront area this time of year. A plan to bring ice-skating is in place with workers already putting the finishing touches on a new “Rotunda Rink” under the hotel’s trademark arch that is set to open for free skate on Saturday at 1pm. The rink will feature the prime location, but also views of the city and harbor. Read more at The Boston Globe

Good thing this wasn’t a real storm

See this post on the North End tree tipped over after some winter weather. Universal Hub is saying good thing this wasn’t a real storm, because if that was the case “the North End Christmas tree would probably be on the other side of the Greenway by now.” See photo and more at Universal Hub

Banker And Tradesman: Passing On The Waterfront Torch

Check out this piece on the lasting impact of the development of Boston’s Waterfront through the efforts of Mayor Menino. When Mayor-elect Marty Walsh takes office in January, he will be inheriting a region of Boston that has brought thousands of workers and residents in the last five years alone. The ground work is already set for another 18,000 workers and an additional 2,000 residents to locate in the area in the next 10 years. Read more at The Boston Harbor Association

The Converse Sign is Going Up at Lovejoy Wharf [Photo]

Photo by BostInno
Photo by BostInno

More action is taking place near the TD Garden, the shoe company Converse is set to move into the Lovejoy Wharf site as part of the $230 million redevelopment project, just check out the sign already halfway done. “The 175 condos slated for construction will come complete with exactly zero parking spaces.” This would mark the first condo development without parking in Boston. Continue reading at BostInno

Plans escalate for big Quincy Market upgrade

The Herald reports the company that now manages Faneuil Hall Marketplace is looking at some big changes for the Quincy Market building. The company is exploring the possibility of bringing two two-story glass “sheds” for new retailers, complete with escalators. See the Boston Herald.