Article on Poor State of Copp’s Hill Burial Ground

Copps Hill Burial Ground
Copps Hill Burial Ground

In a recent tour of the North End’s Copp’s Hill Burial Ground, Mellisa Mannon writes about how disappointed she was in its state of disregard:

“Copp’s Hill is a mess. I cannot be blunter about that. One cannot even make out the words on the Shaw marker that our ancestors placed to honor this unique man. Gravestones are broken, their pieces are nowhere in sight. I can only hope that someone has them stored somewhere until they can be repaired and that they are not just gone for good. Stones are leaning into each other, many covered in lichen and with vines. There is no sense of honoring here, except for the Markers of the Mathers that some descendant likely conserved and this too troubles me. It would be unacceptable to me to watch the grounds around my loved ones rot away, imparting a feeling of some kind of cemetery ghetto. It is forgotten by those who think they have better things to do and better places to spend their money.”

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Read about Boston’s Historial Burial Ground Initiative which includes Copp’s Hill.

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