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Sally Ling Cooks Special Dinner as Thanks for Ed Sokoloff Montage

Sally Ling’s was a notable upscale Chinese restaurant located at 256 Commercial Street on the Boston waterfront from 1984 to 2003. The restaurant also had a location at Newton Center.

In 2013, artist and photographer Edward Sokoloff created a three panel montage containing more than 3,000 greater Boston restaurants and other eating places.  In updating the montage, Sokoloff visited Dumpling Daughter restaurant in Weston Center. While there Sokoloff met the owner, Nadia Liu Spellman, whose famous mother is Sally Ling. Ed asked Nadia if she had a menu from Sally Ling’s restaurant, so that he could photograph it for the montage. Nadia did not have a menu then, but after a while she was able to get her mother’s menu, which Nadia shared with Ed so that he could photograph it.

To show his appreciation, and to recognize the mother-daughter special restaurant connection, Sokoloff combined mother and daughter into one Sally Ling’s-Dumpling Daughter montage, which he presented as a gift to each of them.

Sally Ling and her daughter were so touched by the art work, that Nadia invited Ed’s wife Allison and Ed for a special dinner at Dumpling Daughter, which Sally Ling would prepare.

On August 18, Sally Ling came to Weston (from out of state) and cooked a special meal, including the creation of some original dishes, and she taught the cooking staff on how to prepare the dishes.  Nadia said that some of the new creations will appear on Dumpling Daughter’s menu.

Sokoloff said that it was a wonderful and special evening meeting Sally Ling and having her cook the spectacular dinner. It was also great that Nadia served the meal and explained the different courses.

Pictured from left to right are Allison Sokoloff, Nadia Liu Spellman, Edward Sokoloff and Sally Ling.