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Notable News: Most Visited Attractions, Airbnb Concerns, Cannoli Evolution, Harbor Planning

Staying in the loop can be time-consuming, which is why we publish the “notable news” post on a weekly basis, reporting stories, news and views about the North End / Waterfront from alternate sources. Enjoy!

Most Visited State Attractions in North End/Waterfront

Taking a look at the museums in Massachusetts, two of the top five happen to be in the North End / Waterfront area of Boston. Number two on the list is the New England Aquarium that brought 1.37 million visitors in 2014, along with Old North Church welcoming 560k in that same year. Also on the list was the Paul Revere House, continue reading at the Boston Business Journal.

Articles on Airbnb, Homesharing Services:

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina, photo by Suzanne Kreiter, The Boston Globe.
Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina, photo by Suzanne Kreiter, The Boston Globe.

Lawmakers worry owners taking advantage of Airbnb

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina is concerned that investors may be buying up properties so they can use them solely for Airbnb rentals. While Aaron Michlewitz, the North End’s State Representative is worried that properties are being converted for use solely as short-term rentals.  Read the article at, The Boston Globe for how people may be, “taking advantage of the situation.”

Interesting facts about Airbnb in Boston

What if I told you that the little North End neighborhood of Boston has 80 listings on Airbnb with the average room being priced for $211.76 per night? These statistics are facts and there are many more of them courtesy of, The Boston Globe.

Articles About Boston Harbor:

David L. Ryan, The Boston Globe.
Photo courtesy of David L. Ryan, The Boston Globe.

Better planning is needed to ensure access to Boston Harbor

With the planning initiative “Imagine Boston 2030,” the city is hoping to start the process of preparing for the threat of sea level rise due to climate change. One thing that is not being mentioned enough is the preservation of Boston Harbor, by planning to create “more parkland, better pedestrian connections, and sweeping views of the water.” Read the article at, The Boston Globe.

Boston Harbor still needs our attention

Noting that Boston has come a long way with the harbor, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the harbor, evaluated 14 Boston-area beaches, citing that there is still much work to be done.  The Boston Globe has more on what the harbor once was, what it is now, and what it could be.

All About Cannoli’s:

Photo courtesy of flickr, thanks to
Photo courtesy of flickr, thanks to

All The Cannoli in the North End Worth Eating

The Italian bakeries throughout the North End of Boston bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to the neighborhood every year. Narrowing down the top eight cannoli spots in the “cannoli capital: the North End.” Continue reading the article from Thrillist where they admit, “nobody does stuffed tubes of fried dough better than people in Boston.”

Take the Cannoli: One Pastry’s Rise From Sicilian Treat to Iconic Dessert

Knowing about the history of the Cannoli should be “right of passage” for North End residents. The lines for the ricotta-filled fried pastry shell once known as, cappelli di turchi. pour out of the shops into the neighborhood sidewalks. Read details about the origin of the desert, the history behind it and more at, Eater Boston.

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