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Holiday Decorating at Ausonia in the North End

The residents and friends of Ausonia Apartments decorated for the holiday. We have some talented people on the committee headed by Karen Lyons and our president Bob Pirelli. Here are some pictures of the Ausonia residents doing there best. The tall fellow in the gym shorts is the autistic son of one our residents. He has limited speech capabilities, a great person. Coffee, cake and cookies were served. Fun for all!

Photos by Bobby Church

2 Replies to “Holiday Decorating at Ausonia in the North End

  1. Where is Bobby~~~obviously behind the camera ! Isn’t that always the way it goes ?? The person taking the photos is usually NOT IN THEM !!! Matt you know what I mean~~~it is the same way with you !

    Bobby Church is the “GO TO” Guy there at the Ausonia !! He makes himself available to any one and every one !!
    I have known “The Great Roberto” all my life, he has always been a loving and giving person almost to a fault !!
    Love You Bobby~~~Hope to God you Live FOREVER !!!! Thank You for everything !

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