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Last Week for the “Same Day Pickup” Trash Petition

Last week to sign the “Same day pickup” trash petition.

Overnight trash in the North End (Photo by Jerry Cordasco)

If you haven’t signed the petition circulating to change the North End /Waterfront trash pickup you have one week left. This petition is time sensitive since the Trash Collector’s contract with the City of Boston is due to expire in 2014! We have a unique opportunity to have our trash picked up after 9 a.m. which gives our Residents time to put their trash out between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. The idea is that household trash should never be left on our sidewalks overnight.

This has become a serious health  and quality of life concern! Trash pickers are ripping bags open, trash is blowing into our gutters, rats are feasting on our scraps, residents and visitors have to climb over trash that has been knocked over or inappropriately stored. Please help stop the madness!

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In the meantime, We all need to follow the existing rules:  Trash is to be placed in two-ply black plastic bags and tied.  NOT in cvs bags or paper bags. Pickup days are MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY only!  Recycling is to be placed in clear plastic bags and tied.  NOT in open bins or paper bags.  Recycling pickup day is FRIDAY only!

Please pay attention…  if you are late placing your trash on the street and its after trash has been picked up please be considerate by bring it back into your home.  If you can see there are no other trash bags on the sidewalk then you can bet it is not a trash day. Please be considerate and bring the bag back into your home.

If you see someone putting their trash out on the wrong day, after hours or not stored properly, let them know. Call the Mayor’s hotline at 617-635-4500.

Please be a good neighbor, we are all in this together!!!!