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Greenway Conservancy Hears Development Proposals for Harbor Garage and Town Cove [Video]

The Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy talked about development along the Greenway District at its November 13, 2013 Board of Directors meeeting. Coincident with the ongoing Downtown Waterfront Municipal Planning Study and the zoning codification of the Greenway District Planning Study, two potential developments were presented, the Boston Harbor Garage (Don Chiofaro) and the Town Cove Project (Dennis Kanin).

Greenway Lease Extension – An important update was provided at the end of the meeting (1:28:30 in video) by Chair Georgia Murray indicating that MassDOT has engaged in discussions regarding the lease renewal for the Conservancy to continue managing the parks beyond the November 30, 2013 expiration. Few specifics were available but the State subsidy is expected to continue and the extension may be an ongoing renewal process until details are clarified between the Conservancy and MassDOT.

A video timeline of the hour and a half meeting is summarized below so viewers can jump to points of interest.

00:00 Board of Directors Business Items – Chair Georgia Murray

  • Approval of the 10.8.13 meeting minutes
  • Board Nomination and Approval of Maeve Bartlett (Exec. Office of Environmental Affairs)
  • Approval of the 990 & Form PC

04:00 Greenway District Development Overview – Director of Planning and Design, Linda Jonash

23:00 Boston Harbor Garage – Don Chiofaro, The Chiofaro Company

This presentation was an abbreviated version heard at a recent Downtown Waterfront Municipal Planning Study meeting. As part of a reinvigorated effort to move forward, the owners are reaching out to local zoning officials and the community regarding the needs and wants for public space and amenities at the garage site. There was no talk of heights, condos or office towers. Instead, the presentation was focused on the surrounding area opportunities if the garage stays in place, built on top or if it the site is cleared and a new development is started from scratch. From there, Chiofaro intends to design a development that realizes such desires. The conceptual ideas ran the gambit from traditional park-like plazas and cafes to pools and beaches. The presentation referenced recent Municipal Harbor Plan “charrettes” where potential waterfront features were discussed, including outside dining, interpretive signage, four-season activities, elevated public viewing areas, cultural events, a beach or even a canal that brings Boston Harbor to the Greenway.

50:00 Town Cove Project – Dennis Kanin, New Boston Ventures

There are two small neighboring parcels as part of the Town Cove Project, one on Broad Street and the other on India Street. The proposed residential buildings would have about 70 and 50 condominium units, respectively, with ground floor commercial / restaurant use. A recent change is that the proposed height of 130 feet will be reduced to 120 feet for both buildings as part of the project.

1:15:00 Maintenance, Horticulture and Status Updates on the Greenway – COO Jesse Brackenbury

1:28:30 Conservancy Lease Extension Update by MassDOT