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  1. The petition is fine but people are still going to put out their trash whenever they want if there’s no enforcement.

    1. Dear Resident, thank you,

      I do know this is not a perfect solution but it will take a huge chunk out of the problem. Next is education then enforcement. One step at a time. If we stick together we can make our neighborhood an example for the rest of Boston. To do nothing would be part of the problem!!!

      Thanks everyone for all your support. We have 500 signatures and we need 500 more!

      Lets make this happen…… Toni

  2. There will always be people who are pigs…but to sit by without trying to do anything about it is madness. Bravo Toni!!! I guess people would rather resist a change than have cleaner streets.

  3. Toni,

    Are the petitions in any local stores? Prince Postale? Nazzaro Center? I would like to sign one. Thanks

    1. There is one at Century Bank, Elite Boston Landmark Realty, North End Yoga, and if you follow the link at the top of this page you can sign on-line!

      Thank you……

    1. Fines are ineffective deterrents. Someone who is inconsiderate enough to put out their trash on an incorrect day could just as easily discard it at another location, leading to an innocent party being fined. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened and I wouldn’t want to see the frequency increased.

      1. Matt-8 is right, one cannot assume that because trash was left in front of 98 so & so street that the person who left it their lives in the bldg.I can easily envision a scenario where someone walks out of their building walks down a couple of doors & places their trash in front of another dwelling.Other than “catching” someone red handed or snapping a photo of them or going thru the trash [which isn’t going to happen] & finding mail or something with their name & address on it there is no way to punish the pigs who do this over &over.

      2. Inspectors go through trash to try and locate address labels before a ticket is issued–fines ARE effective ABSOLUTELY!

      3. I know from a neighbor who was ignorant enough to try to put their trash in front of another residence that they fine based on any paperwork inside the trash they find that proves residence

      4. This has happened to me multiple times. Inspectors routinely issue the ticket without checking to see where the trash originated. People are wise to this and just place the trash one house over. Until this can be resolved, the system is intrinsically unfair.

  4. What proof do we have these fines are being paid? The violations are always the same
    addresses, and yes they do put trash in front of other buildings, but I want proof of payment.
    The landlords have to get hit hard in the pocket, and then impose the fine on the tenant, and
    if they refuse to pay, immediate eviction, and City & State officials have to back us up.

  5. N.E landlord is half right , !st off you;ll never get to evict a tenant immediatly just for not paying the landlord back for the fine. besides its not the place for the property owner to police the trash, people are putting out . This is just that ( A police ) issue . tenants pay taxes as well indirectly and have the right to use a trash pick up programe , but the fines need to go to that person Directly , when proving the right name to the trash. Also consider this IF trash moves to a two day pick up ,, maybe a tuesday pick up would stop trash being put out on sat, or sundays for monday pick ups . its been done in other communitys and works well. or at least for business areas .

      1. Thank you for mentioning this. The police have enough nonsense to deal with, the last thing they need is 911 calls for trash complaints.

        1. Tell ya what Matt-8, I’m sure it would;nt be 911 calls , there are all kinds of police personal that do very many differant aspects of police works it;s thier job NOT nonsense.

          1. Individuals that enforce this code are not police officers. I’m VERY aware of the different agencies and roles of the area law enforcement officers.

      2. Michaeld good of you to have noticed! No matter wether or not I or anyone else lives in the N E we all have to be responsible people / landlords/ tenants alike, If not, thats where the law enforcment needs to take action . But Michaeld I sure did live in the N E and for a long time , when there were so many more people / kids / Big familys and the so called ; OUTSIDERS back then that would leave food and pizza plates and crabs half eaten on the streets all over , you think you see trash NOW! you have not idea how much there used to be back a little while ago , It was a problem then as well, the n e was always dirty in that regard but still a great plce to live in . and yes Michaeld it is surely a police matter . they are the inforcment not city hall and finds that are sometimes unfare . So resd. we’ll have to keep working together and fix it .

        1. Police enforce criminal law. Would you want police officers efforts diverted from emergency situations because your neighbor can’t put his trash out on the correct day? I would hope not. Enforcement of sanitation related codes falls under the Inspectional Services Department.

        2. I was born & raised in the Ne since the fifties so don’t give me a lecture on how things were back then I protected the neighborhood & people like you.

        3. Ne property owner, this is my final comment to you & other “former NE residents” who took the money & ran to live in suburbia & still own property here. invest some of the $$$$ you make gouging tenant’s & install surveillance cameras on your property to help the situation & not expect the police to set up a stakeout to catch a trash violator.

  6. The real issue behind parties, trash, noise and ignorance is property owners not taking time to rent to professionals and more mature individuals.

    My grandfather has owned his property for over 40 years and has been a life long resident along with the rest of his family.
    He has taken his time with his realtor to make sure he rents to professionals and individuals who will not cause concern.
    The young adults he will rent to – he will have their parents contact information ready and will be prepared just in case issues surface.

    there are too many property owners who are not hands on- this is the major issue. It sucks

  7. Today at 12:30 PM, I saw a young man leaving two bad of trash outside his building on North Bennett St. All it took was me telling him that trash is not allowed to be put out until 5PM. At that, he looked at me surprised that anyone would say anything to him. He then picked up the trash and brought it back into his building. So if you see someone doing it, let them know.

  8. We could solve the problem of persons using paper shopping bags for their recycles if the City would return to giving out the blue plastic containers. This also would stop the tearing open of clear plastic bags, which we are told to use now (if you can find them at a reasonable price) to retrieve bottles and cans for redemption.
    We also need a 24, 7 day a week phone to call when we see the improper placing of rubbish at the wrong times. Now we have to call the Mayor’s Office and be told they will pass it along but we should know “that they (Code Enforcement) do not operate “after hours.”
    Maybe the new Mayor will get serious about Code Enforcement!

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