Stop Work Order Issued at Hanover Street 7-Eleven Under Construction

The controversial 7-Eleven that is moving in the old White Hen Pantry location at 342 Hanover Street received a Stop Work order from the City for “exceeding the terms” of its building permit. Residents and nearby business owners complained about late night work activity and the order also mentions fire alarm violations. On Thursday night, work appeared to continue despite the sign on the door. And, it’s clearly a 7-11 … the Big Gulp machine has been installed.

7 Replies to “Stop Work Order Issued at Hanover Street 7-Eleven Under Construction

  1. Careful, Matt – I think that you might have to put a small (TM) after the use of “Big Gulp (TM)”. We have to be careful now that we have more big corporate in the neighborhood 🙂

  2. The question is, has the haute cuisine machine been installed…you know, the one that rotates the hot dogs under a 60 watt bulb….

  3. Ah, yes…..and the taquitos too! I hope Tenoch can compete when they open….
    Does that contraption have a catchy name too, by the way?
    Rolling Unperishable Delights (TM)?

  4. You realize, of course, that the minute 7-11 opens, we will be flocking to it….why? Because we have missed the easily accessible location of White Hen in the past month. By the way, my nephew got food poisoning from the ‘hot food’ tray at 7-11……let’s keep a watchful eye, especially since they have incurred violations already.

  5. I will not conduct any business at this location. I will walk the extra feet to the goose or go to other stores. The neighborhood fought dunkin donuts coming in and now we have two 7-11’s just blocks from one another on the same street. I hope people choose not to shop there. Even if dunkin donuts came in I would not buy there coffee I appreciate and love the local flavors of my cousins place,cafe sport and the bean.
    There are plenty of local stores to buy most things you can find at 7-11.

    1. William, I agree with you on your choice of where you want to put your dollar. I think I’ve been to 7-11 on Hanover/Commercial 3 times….do not appreciate that ‘convenience’ store. Let’s see what happens, if the renovation is ever completed. Perhaps the H/C street 7-11 will be closed… can any respectable neighborhood embrace two of those stores within a block of one another. Mystery.

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