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North End / Waterfront Home to Four Public Street Pianos [Photos]


Video: Street Pianos Boston — Chloe Plays “Linus & Lucy” (YouTube: aTallGuyNH)

This Fall, 75 pianos have been put in public locations all across Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville as part of “Street Pianos Boston: Play Me I’m Yours.”

Four of the 75 pianos are being placed right here in the North End / Waterfront neighborhood. All of the pianos are painted and decorated by local artists and are outside for residents and visitors to enjoy. At night, the pianos are covered or secured to protect them from the elements.

Stop and play for a while, watch someone else play, or simply enjoy the music on your walk home!

Here are the four pianos we found nearby. The links go to a page where the public can upload photos and video of piano performances.

The Prado – Old North Church 
Decorated by Giovanni DeCunto, donated by Steve Meredith.


Rose Kennedy Greenway, Cross of Milk Street
Decorated by Jude Griffin donated by Charlie the Tuner.


Rose Kennedy Greenway, Rowes Wharf Plaza at High Street
Decorated by Tina Riedel, donated by Boston Conservatory.



North End Park, Rose Kennedy Greenway
Decorated by Tova Speter, donated by Berklee College.


For more information about the program, check out the website: Boston Street Piano’s

Photos by Conor Finley.

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  1. Great idea! So much fun to suddenly come upon one of these pianos with some talented people just sitting down and playing.

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