State Senator Petruccelli in Globe: Suffolk Downs Vote Belongs in East Boston

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli in his State House office (NEWF photo)

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli opines in the Boston Globe, “Suffolk Downs vote belongs in East Boston.

A better question for pollsters to ask would be, “If the casino development would have a disproportionate impact on your neighborhood, would you want the entire city to determine its fate?”

I have a strong suspicion that most Bostonians would like to have a vote on the competing Everett casino project, the next pope, and even the next manager of the Red Sox (notwithstanding the great job John Farrell is doing). But overriding East Boston’s right to weigh the impacts and benefits of a local development would set a dangerous precedent for every neighborhood in the city of Boston.

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Anthony Petruccelli is a State Senator represents the First Suffolk and Middlesex District which includes the North End / Waterfront, other parts of Boston, Cambridge, Revere and Winthrop.