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Nothing New Under the North End Sun: Brinks Garage

An editorial story from The Italian News, January 15, 1954 is shown below, disparaging the concept of parking on the roof of the Brink’s Garage at 600 Commercial Street. The opposition to increased traffic to be caused by expanding parking to the roof of Brink’s Garage is similar to questions now raised about the three gigantic residential and office towers proposed in front of Boston Garden: What happens to the neighborhood? Can the infrastructure handle it? As we know, Mayor Hynes approved the Brink’s parking project. Anyone want to bet that the BRA and Mayor Menino will not approve the Boston Garden project? Nothing new under the North End sun.

During a heated meeting with North Enders, the garage owner said they would offer North Enders a reduced rate for parking — I think it was something like 10 dollars a week. One woman shouted out, “Ten bucks a week? We slip Frankie-the-cop 5 bucks and we park anywhere for a month.”

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  1. My father used to park his car up the Roof as it was called, he never had luck moving his car and finding a close parking space so it was around the corner from home it started out cheap like 7 bucks a month,,when my parents moved out the parking rent was up to 100 bucks a month,, it was convient because you never had to worry about a parking spot ,,the only thing was i hung in the gassy and never knew if my dad was going out ,

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