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North End Images on Display at BHCC

Courtesy of the Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery:

Iacobacci's Bike
Iacobacci’s Bike

These photographic images of Boston’s North End come from former N.E. and current Revere resident Valerie Garofalo Jackiewicz currently on view in “The ART from ALUM” exhibit at the Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery through Aug. 15th.

*Valerie Garofalo Jackiewicz at the recent Artists’ Reception for ART from ALUM at BHCC ART GALLERY*


*Artist’s Statement: Valerie Garofalo Jackiewicz*

I grew up during the 60’s and 70’s in the North End of Boston. During that time, the North End was an all-Italian neighborhood and was drenched in the culture of its people. In the early 1980’s, the City of Boston put an end to all rent-controlled apartments and the people of the North End were forced to move out of their beloved city, taking with them their culture and their traditions.

What was once a culturally rich area of the city slowly disappeared. I did not realize what was happening while it was going on. As I look back, I see all that was lost. I long for the days when butcher shops and pastry stores lined Salem Street, with sheep, rabbit and goat skins hanging on hooks in front of the markets. I want to return to Sunday mornings when Hanover Street was one big social gathering, with Italian men crowding the sidewalks in their finest suits and ties, and when on any given day innumerable children played safely in the streets. This and so very much more is gone, all discarded in exchange for high rents.

All Saints Way
All Saints Way

A couple of years ago I had the fortunate opportunity to accompany the very accomplished Boston photographer, Lou Jones, in photographing The Fisherman’s Feast. The Fisherman’s is my family’s feast and I had been to it every year of my life. In accompanying Lou Jones, I saw the feast in a new light and was able to see what I never before had. Thus began my journey of trying to capture the bit of Italian culture and tradition that still remains in the North End. I have taken on what will amount to a life-long project. It is my intention to photograph whatever is left of my little corner of the world while I still have the chance.

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