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“Anthony!!” – 40 Years Ago in the North End

It was 40 years ago in the summer of 1969 … a very memorable time:

Apollo 11 Moon Landing (link to video report by Walter Cronkite)

Woodstock (link to ABC News video of reminiscing)

Brian Adams – Summer of 1969 (not actually “from” 1969 … nonetheless, a link to music video)

But it was also when the famous Prince Spaghetti commercial, featuring Anthony Martignetti, brought Boston’s North End into homes across the nation. The commercial still hits a chord probably because it marks a time gone by when mother’s could yell out the window to find their sons. Today, parents text their kids’ cell phones to call them home and use GPS to find them!

This article on catches up with Anthony as well as 81-year old Mary Fiumara, telling the ‘real’ story behind the commercial.

Here is the original 1969 version: