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St. Lucy’s Solemn Procession and Fireworks Conclude Big Feast Weekend

Marking the end of the North End’s major summer feasts, the 92nd St. Lucy’s Feast was held on Monday night concluding with a solemn night procession and fireworks. St. Lucy’s Feast is in honor of Santa Lucia, Vergine e’ Martire – Protectress of Eyesight and is hosted by the Saint Lucy Society on Endicott Street in the North End of Boston. St. Lucy’s Feast is more of a local neighborhood gathering, coming on the Monday after the big St. Anthony’s Feast weekend.

Photos by Matt Conti. More to come in a separate gallery.

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4 Replies to “St. Lucy’s Solemn Procession and Fireworks Conclude Big Feast Weekend

  1. Hi,

    Great festival, but it seems like the only cleaning that was done was just on the streets where the festival was. There is still tons of trash/confetti covering the surrounding streets. Why doesn’t the St Anthony’s society pay to have those streets cleaned? Take a look at Salem, Charter, Prince, N Bennet, etc. We all know it will take the city weeks to do it.


  2. A few weeks ago some people downplayed and one person even found it amusing that some thugs were walking thru the neighborhood carrying bolt cutters.These punks know that this isn’t the old NE and the word is out that there are easy targets and people with money down here.I can give you the # of sexual assaults, muggings, purse snatchings, car thefts and armed robberies in the NE that I grew up in .zero!

    1. Your so right Michaeld…………My daughter was a one of these new statistics, as her purse was pulled off her wrist on Sat. night as she walked on Hanover St with her girlfriends, who all grew up in the North End. Thank God they got both lowlifes and arrested them.

      1. Josie,the thought of young woman being robbed on Hanover st. [where someone was carjacked a few weeks ago] breaks my heart and I;m sure has old northenders rolling over in their graves. Glad to hear they caught these scum but I hope their not given a slap on the wrist by the courts.It’s obvious the days of a mother,wife, sister,girlfriend walking down to Bova’s at 2 in the morning for the babys milk and being safe are over.

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