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94th St. Anthony’s Feast – 2013 Grand Procession Opening [Photo Gallery]

The Sunday Grand Procession at the 94th St. Anthony’s Feast started with the emergence of the saint’s statue for its 10-hour journey through the streets of Boston’s North End. There were eight bands on hand to celebrate this time honored tradition for the “Feast of all Feasts.” Bringing many to tears, the religious walk through the streets of the North End brought out families, friends and visitors to make devotions to Saint Anthony Di Padua Da Montefalcione. Starting at the feast on Endicott Street, confetti filled the air as society members carried out the St. Anthony statue led by multiple color guards and banners.

The photos below are Part 1 of the procession covering the first part of the day. See more coverage of St. Anthony’s Feast.

Photos by Matt Conti. High resolution gallery and prints.

Photos by Matt Conti. High resolution gallery and prints.

10 Replies to “94th St. Anthony’s Feast – 2013 Grand Procession Opening [Photo Gallery]

  1. On another note, my daughter, and 5 of her girlfriends, who all grew up in the North End and still frequent and work in the North End, were walking on Hanover St., on Saturday night, when a Spanish guy came from behind and ripped her Coach wristlet off her hand. She was stunned, it happen so quick, and naturally her purse had all her money, electronics and car keys in it. Thank God one of her girlfriend’s boyfriend was with him and he chased the lowlife and got him to the ground. Little did these victims know, there was another lowlife waiting in a car, right near them, with a car running to make their exit after their robbery. Unfortunately, as the “good guy” was holding this piece of crap down, the accomplice got out of the awaiting vehicle and starting hitting him on the head with a bat to the tune of 7 stitches. I want to thank this young man and all the undercover Officers that came to my daughters assistance within minutes. The two suspects were both arrested. Thank God there were extra Police patrolling the area and doing their job. The purpose for this comment, is to make these young people aware of their surroundings and to be extra careful, when their alone or in a group.

    1. A sad story with a happy ending. I’m glad they caught these low lifes and hope everyone is well.

  2. Josie-that is so scary! Thank you for posting and making people aware. I hope your daughter and her friends are recovering from that horrible ordeal

  3. Beautiful, clear, high resolution photographs. Really gives you a feeling of how it was to be there, which is especially helpful for out-of-towners who can’t easily make the feast. I pray to St. Anthony every day and thank for this beautiful tribute.

  4. My 17 yr old son was walking with his girlfriend and a spanish looking kid did the same to him, pulled a knife, made him empty his pockets and took his POLO hat…and ran off to a waiting car

  5. This is scary there has been more crime lately I’m afraid walking around especially at night I don’t know you Josie but im sorry that happened did your granddaughter get her things back?
    And to you m mama Its. A whole new world whoever thought the north end would come to this its everywhere now

  6. Don’t mistake what I’m about to say as casting blame, because there is no fault here. You would think a nice night out, in a place where you grew up, would be the safest place you could be. Unfortunately it’s not that way anymore, anywhere. In a place as safe as the North End, you need to be aware of your surroundings and your belongings…all the time.

    Hats off to the boyfriend who chased this %^!*?*%! down. Hope he and the woman recover soon.

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