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  1. I’ve been thinking about the trash situation on Cooper Street. What are the chances we could get the city to install trash can similar to that on Hanover and any other busy street in the city? Given Cooper is a pass-thru street to Salem and Hanover, it seems like a reasonable request.

    Anyone know whether or not this has been approached?


    1. There aren’t enough trash containers in the neighborhood, except for Hanover and Cross St.. I walk daily and am amazed at the number of trash containers on Cross St. Prince, Salem, etc. have nearly NONE. I do see people looking for one to toss their trash and there’s NONE in the area. Maybe some businesses can donate one and be acknowledged with their name on it, i.e., “donated by …….”. Something has to be done! Every suggestion should be considered and the North End/Waterfront Council and Residents Council should be proactive sending letters to the Mayor’s office with the neighborhood thoughts and demanding a solution. Truthfully, the filthy trash/food on the streets it detracts from the beauty of the North End. I as a Selectmen in my former community and the residents I dealt with would NEVER stand for this nonsense. There are solutions!! Let’s stop talking about it and get something done!!

  2. I have been on The Clean Streets Committee for a number of years~~~Many times, the City offered to give us trash barrels ~~~ The problem is~~~NO ONE wants the canisters any where near their property !!!
    If you could arrange with the Landlord some where to place the receptical, I’m sure the City would provide !!
    The bigger problem, I have seen, if when a trash can is placed~~ANYWHERE~~~# 1~~ residents will place their household trash bags in it~~~ #2~~regular pick-ups are not consistant ~~~#3~~trash spills onto the street and sidewalks, and the City DOES NOT pick-up any thing from there ! We also tried to have a resident on each street adopt a trash can~~~therefore being responsible for the up-keep. We even put brooms and dustpans around to initiate cleanliness. We have, along with the City program~~~have a clean-up day to stimulate the awareness of these problems !! Out Committee worked hard, to no avail~~~and got nothing but criticism ~~~What is it going to take??? EVERYONE BLAMES ~~~~”THE OTHER GUY” !!! Original North End-ers blame the new people, all residents blame the restaurants~~the restaurants blame the Garbage Men, ~~~and so on, and so on !!!! We were so frustrated ~~~no one (including myself) wanted to be Chairman~~~no one wanted to come to the meetings~~~etc.etc.etc. Let us NOT EVEN~~~GET INTO FEEDING THE RATS PROBLEM !!!!! That’s a Whole Other Problem !!! I’ll be willing to bet~~We have the Fattest and Best fed RATS in the Country !! Who do we blame for them??? If they can’t eat they starve !!! I even suggested feeding these rodents ~~~”Birth Control Pills” (Not a Bad Idea???) Yeah~~~the City said ~~they are working on that~~~FOR 20 YEARS ??? Any-one’s 10 year old child could invent a pill for that !!! And Again, Who do we blame for that~~~ENGLAND??? The City, The Mayor, Public Works, Landlords,Business Owners?? I’m getting very tired of it all~~~I love this Town~~I have Never left ~~and do not intend to !!! Thank You for LISTENING !!!!!!

    Any more requests ??

  3. I still say put the cameras in all the problems areas of the No. End, whether it be Trash, Vandalism

    or Noise. Where there is a Will there is Always a Way. God Bless you Janet Gilardi & Michael


  4. NO END LANDLORD, years ago the NE had the best security and surveillance system in place.It consisted of the little old white headed Italian lady [and there was at least one on every st] perched on her window- sill watching every one in the neighborhood.And if you were up to no-good she would let you and everyone else know about it.Cameras are the answer. There everyehere else & would help solve the trash issue as well as street crime & vandilisim.

  5. That’s a good business owner. All business owners should be responsible for the area near and around there shop. I wouldn’t want to go in a restaurant that looked dirty from the outside – or a store or work with a company that couldn’t bother to clean and sweep the outside of their office. Thanks for helping the neighborhood and taking responsibility for your area. I wish more business owners and residents would take note.

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