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Raccoon Runs Amok in North End Feeding on Trash Before Dying

Sheafe Street Raccoon (Photo: E. Pedi)

This adult male raccoon was spotted by E. Pedi in the North End, “running amok on Hull Street on July 13th in the early morning hours. After climbing fences into backyards and decks on Sheafe Street, the ill raccoon takes cover under a deck for 5 days, finally dying on July 17th during the heat wave causing a nasty, putrid state of air for days.” The eye-witness continues:

“The raccoons apparently like the thrice-week nightly garbage put out in front of building all night for trash collection & the dumpsters from restaurants and are pushing the rats to second place for their foraging abilities. Who knows with all the trash, food and refuse soaking in the heat all night, perhaps the raccoons will be pushed out and black bears will win out on the North End Streets.

It is pretty amazing how a community can agree to leave refuse and trash on streets for 8 to 12 plus hours to rot in the summer heat for pick-up rather than putting trash out in the morning at 6-7AM!!!”


2 Replies to “Raccoon Runs Amok in North End Feeding on Trash Before Dying

  1. Our blogging friend, Penny at, reminds us:

    The Animal Rescue League Boston will come out for wild animals too. You can do a quick review of some of their most recent saves on their twitter feed.

    We just did a piece on one of their fund raisers, great story!

    The were also incredible during that 9 alarm fire here in the Back Bay. It was a pet-friendly building and I was astonished at the organization and extent of their service.

  2. I agree about the trash being taking out in the morning versus the night but everytime I take my trash out in the morning (I leave my house at 7:40 a.m. daily) the trash is already picked up! So I have to bring it back into my apartment for another 2 days! You never know when the trash is being picked up. Its either very early or very late. I guess depending on what street you live on….

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