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North End Commerce of Chamber to Hear From Wynn Casino, Boston Police & Suffolk DA

August 6, 2013, 3:30 PM
St. Leonard’s Hall, 35 Prince Street

1.         Welcome – NECC President Donna Freni

2.          Treasurer’s Report – NECC Treasurer Chris Young

a. Membership update

3.          Italian Heritage Month Activities – Board Member Damien DiPaola

4.          Promotional Activities Update – NECC President Donna Freni

a. Bumper Stickers:  On the table

b. Member Decals:   On the table

c. Advertising on Big Belly Barrels – NECC VP Toni Gilardi.

5.         Website Update – NECC Treasurer Chris Young & Board Member Jose Duarte

6.         Public Safety
Suffolk County DA Dan Conley, Detective Chuck Wilson, Captain Lee & Sergeant Lema

7.         Wynn Casino Presentation – Stephen Tocco

8.         Open Discussion:  We want to hear from you.

All NECC members are welcome to attend.

8 Replies to “North End Commerce of Chamber to Hear From Wynn Casino, Boston Police & Suffolk DA

  1. The Wyn Casino presentation should be done in an OPEN community wide meeting IN THE EVENING that includes residents of the North End. The business owners ( many of whom do not live in the North End) are not the only ones who will feel the impact from a casino in Boston.

      1. Thanks Matt. But somehow seeing a video is not the same as being in the room and being able to ask questions.

  2. Matt, With all do respect to you, maybe the Chamber of Commerce should be including the residents of
    the neighborhood to participate at their meetings, since all Neighborhood Meetings are opened to all of them.

    The Chamber of Commerce has to take into consideration, we the residents, were here long before most of
    these restaurants and the Chamber of Commerce.

    Correct me if I am wrong Matt, but I don’t think any of the Neighborhood Committees have ever asked you to
    turn off your camera.

    Casinos are a big money maker, and may bring in a lot of jobs, but I feel bad for all those gambling degenerates
    who will eat cat food just to go to these casinos to gamble. There are good and bad sides to gambling casinos,
    I just hope it doesn’t bring in more crime and make the police’s job more difficult than it already is.

    All must remember Casinos were built on Losers Not on Winners.

    1. Why does your argument always include something along the lines of “we were here first”? Although you might have been here a lot longer than the restaurants that has nothing to do with you membership in the chamber of commerce. Why should the Chamber be required to admit non-chamber members to there meetings. If this meeting is so important to the residents why not as the NEWRA or NEWNC request a meeting where the residents are invited to attend. If not, start a business pay the membership fees to the NE Chamber of Commerce and I am sure they will welcome you to all of their meetings.

      1. Salem street kid,
        It seems to me that even the visually impaired have better sight than the new chamber of commerce.
        communication and transparency with all members of a community is vital for the success of any business endeavor.
        the new chamber of commerce should not be following in the footprints of the old chamber of commerce,they should be creating new tracks and inroads to an all-inclusive and transparent community.
        it is vital that businesses share their vision and goals with all members of the community, most importantly the residents, who are impacted the most by these changes..
        i have never seen one word uttered, either on the old, or new chamber of commerce website pertaining to this issue.
        alienating residents will only make it harder for the chamber to achieve its goals.
        there are a lot of intelligent members on the chamber, you do not come to monopolize a neighborhood by being stupid, so i do not understand why some of these members just have a screw the resident’s attitude,
        you would have much less resistance if you were to engage the residents in your vision to continue to create new business in the North End.
        i realize it it is easy to become impaired by greed, business owners who are profiting, most often at the expense of the community, do not really care about the deterioration in quality of life,or environmental, and safety issues, even if they too; live in the community.
        i still wonder though; is it just plain arrogance! we know the political strength they have! we know the financial strength they have!
        what about the members we have know for decades? chameleons?
        so they will often let you know this, especially when you alienate them.
        businesses will come and go, but habitants are always the first and last to exist in a community.
        we have the right to peaceful enjoyment of ones home, to a sanitary and safe living environment, and to manage our natural resources.
        the bottom line is that the chamber of commerce wants to change our community! our living environment! we are not changing theirs!
        we should not have to open a business and join the chamber of commerce to be informed of the changes they want to make to our neighborhood and homes.
        this Italian Disneyland, will be the demise of this great neighborhood, fortunately none of us will be on this earth to see it happen.

  3. Turns out the Wynn Casino folks were a no show. The video update on the rest of the meeting will be posted shortly, including the DA and BPD presentations.

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