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Public Safety, Italian Heritage Month & New Website Highlighted at North End Chamber of Commerce Meeting

The North End Chamber of Commerce focused on public safety issues at its monthly meeting, held on August 7, 2013. Addressing the NECC were Suffolk County District Attorney, Dan Conley, Detective Chuck Wilson, District A-1 Captain Lee & Sergeant Lema. Board member Damein DiPaola updated the group on plans for Hanover Street pole banners of famous Italians for Italian Heritage Month.The Chamber is also working on an updated website, advertising and promotional activities.

A summary topic video timeline is shown below:

00:00 Welcome by NECC President Donna Freni, Board Introductions

01:30 Suffolk County District Attorney, Dan Conley

10:00 Detective Chuck Wilson, Boston Police

14:20 District A-1 Captain Thomas Lee & Sergeant Thomas Lema

27:30 Promotions Update – Board Member Toni Gilardi

29:40 Italian Heritage Month (October) Activities

  • Banners on Street Posts of Famous Italians and Italian-Americans
  • Upscale Italian Fashion Show on the Prado

33:00 Advertising on Taxi Tops, Bumper Stickers and Member Decals

34:30 NECC TV Commercial

32:25 Advertising on Big Belly / Street Furniture

40:00 Website Revamp for

Note: The scheduled Wynn Casino presentation was canceled.

8 Replies to “Public Safety, Italian Heritage Month & New Website Highlighted at North End Chamber of Commerce Meeting

  1. Once again, the Chamber of Commerce has eliminated any Residents from coming to the Meetings, another
    sign of Division in Our North End their Little Italy. Little Italy is long gone, but the North End still exists, and
    so does the No. End Residents. United We Stand & Divided We Will Fall.

    I feel all Restaurant & Bar Owners in the No. End should have signs outside their Establishments like “ARTU”
    does, telling their patrons to respect the Neighbors. I feel City & State Officials should make this a
    Mandatory Law. We the Residents have suffered far too much with Quality of Life issues due to Drunks,
    whether they be from Faneuil Hall, No. Station or Charlestown, or right here in the North End. These signs are very well affordable to all these Business Owners, and it may not stop the problem, but it is a start in the right

    The No. End still has a low crime rate compared to other parts of the City, and we all know this, and it always
    had a low crime rate, this is not anything New.

    The No. End has 2 Neighborhood Committees & a Chamber of Commerce, and hopefully we will have
    a Yuppie, College Kids & Young Professionals Committee & hear what their thoughts are on the neighborhood.

    We have to stick together as a Neighborhood, Beacon Hill is the very best example of that, and let us always
    remember the No. End (1/4 of a mile radius has more liquor licenses than any part of the City, and if you don’t
    think that contributes to any of our Quality of Life Issues, you are in complete denial.

    1. Can you tell me the point of these signs. I mean you say there should be a law requiring them, which I find completely absurd, but then you go on how the “yuppies” and college kids come from “Faneuil Hall, No. Station or Charlestown” which has nothing to do with the No. End restaurants. If Artu wants to put a sign up that is there choice and hey good for them. But a law? I mean be realistic. According to your post the restaurants have nothing to do with the problem. How about instead there is a billboard in over in Faneuil Hall reading “Hey if you heading back to the safest neighborhood in the city of boston, try to pipe down so the north enders don’t have something to complain about”

  2. Salem St. Kid, or Salem St. Guy, whoever the hell you are, there is a lot of signs in New York City, and
    Boston is a far cry from N.Y.C., and none of these restaurants have a problem trying to accommodate
    their neighbors. I don’t know what your problem is, but my recommendations come with peaceful intentions.

    United We Stand and Divided We Will Fall. Do you get it, or is your head made out of cement?

    There are a lot of people leaving No. Sta., Fan. Hall & Charles. and they come into the Neighborhood looking
    for Drinking Holes that have 2 a. m. Liq. Lic. and it is always nice to let them know they are welcomed, but not
    to Disturb Any Residents, whether they are Life Long Residents Or Newcomers.

    There are a lot of people in this Neighborhood that do not work Mon-Fri. 9 -5, and when they want to sleep
    to go to their Jobs, they don’t want to be disturbed by drunks leaving these bars.

    I don’t know where you came from, but I really wish you would go back there. You might be one of these
    problems I mentioned. We want peace in the Neighborhood and let the Businesses make all the money
    they can possibly make, without disturbing the Quality of Life of others, very SIMPLE, you made it

  3. To brand the North End as Little Italy is to trivialize the uniqueness of our neighborhood. There is a Little Italy in virtually every major city in the country, but no other city has the North Church, the Revere House, the Greenway, the birthplace of Rose Kennedy, the beautiful Boston Harbor, Copps Hill, the Freedom Trail, and so much more within a single square mile. And yes, there are some nice Italian restaurants to enjoy. The narrow interests of the Italian restaurateurs is diminishing the neighborhood by trying to portray it as just another knock-off Little Italy. Fortunately, I have no doubt they will fail and the North End will continue to be remembered by visitors and residents as the North End.

  4. I agree with Mr. Lane. Moreover, the immigrant history of the North End should not be forgotten (Irish/Jews/etc) in favor of one group (Italian-Americans). Especially where, like now, the demographics of the area have again changed significantly, and the neighborhood is a mix of probably 50% yuppies. Lastly, dubbing the area Little Italy will work to exclude other restaurants of non-Italian cuisine from opening here, which is something that most residents yearn for!!!

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